2 ways to have a Strong Character & a Great Attitude.

Let’s face it, everybody wants to be alpha and wants to have a charming plus strong personality but only some of them are successful in building a desirable and strong character.

Few of us have a strong appealing character by nature but some of us have to build it, Now this article will help you in both ways whether you already have a strong character on your are on a way to have one.

Gentlemen, 5 awesome ways and tricks to possess a strong character.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you. — walt whitman

Strong character 1. Be Positive

The very first rule of being a man of strong character is to be positive in every way possible, people should be aware of your energies and they should feel that you are a positive man.

Strong character isn’t made up of rude and jerk natures but it is a complex combination of ethics and principles.

Being positive helps you in having positive perspectives about things in our daily life. We take new and healthy decisions, which benefits us in a lot of different and better ways.

The biggest part of having a strong character is being positive from every angle people see you, it doesn’t only affect how people see you but it also changes your inner core.

Being positive is not just about being happy and peaceful, it’s about the liberty, the freedom you have with you, and many other factors.

You once become a positive-minded person, you will be good at taking criticism, good at talking with people, good and struggling moments.

Being positive isn’t a character ethic, it’s an art that shall be mastered by the seeker of greatness.

Now, being positive not only to neglect the negativity around yourself but also, to make you feel happy all the time.

Strong character 2. Know nothing

Attitude is everything, You must have known this for a very long time but the problem is that people take it the wrong way.

Attitude can be different according to the person’s perceptions. Some people think Their attitude is to be a jerk and some think it’s the id to be kind.

People usually in the shadow of having a strong character, misinterpret attitude, they think if they act superficially then they have a strong character but in reality, it’s the other way around.

Attitude shall be tilted towards the kind nature of yours. Your attitude should always be that you know nothing.

Our great Seekers of the truth and knowledge always used to say that, “know nothing, only then you will be smart enough to know the truth”

Every time you get to learn something, don’t feel or say “I know enough” instead say “I should learn that too.”

The greatest men on our planet have an attitude of knowing nothing, that doesn’t mean they are dumb.

If you have some knowledge, share it but not with the intentions of acting superior but with intentions of being kind and learning back. Always know nothing.

And yeah, Know nothing doesn’t mean “not know”,

In simple words, it means, do not show off. Neither your knowledge nor your skills. Save ’em for the right time.


•  Strong character and a Great and humble attitude are the ethics of a True Gentleman.

•  Always Be Positive, Try to. I know we’re humans and it’s impossible for us all to be positive all the time. But still, we should try being positive whenever possible.

•  Just act like You know nothing about that stuff. But when someone asks you, you must provide the information required.  You know balance.

That’s all you need to apply to you for another improvement in you.

And yeah, More coming…