Best 3 month beginners workout to lose weight. The Good Guide you need.

We all want to look good and amazing. The reasons may be different but the end we desire is the same and that desire can be achieved, you just need to ” workout to lose weight ” if that’s you then you are in the right guide.

Barriers always come in our way and that is the beauty of hard work, there are tons of tactics and techniques to look and feel better but just because of being somebody who possesses overweight, the one who needs workout to lose weight.

Those tactics are useless and just a pinch of bitterness, the pain of being in that overweight scene in terribly weeping but to every problem, there is a solution.

Here are the beginner’s routines and workout to lose weight “the only guide you need”.

Terms to know to lose weight

The first thing is first, to lose weight first you should know about some important terms which are going to help you in reaching your desired physique.


Fats are substances that help the body use some vitamins and keep the skin healthy; they are also the main way the body stores energy.

In food, there are many types of fats — saturated, unsaturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and trans fats.

To maintain your blood cholesterol and triglyceride (lipid) levels as near the normal ranges as possible, the American Diabetes Association recommends limiting the number of saturated fats and cholesterol in our diets.

Saturated fats contribute to blood levels of LDL (”bad”) cholesterol.

The number of saturated fats should be limited to less than 10% of total caloric intake and the amount of dietary cholesterol should be limited to 300 mg/day.

Workout to lose weight is not going to help a lot until you don’t reduce your levels of fat intakes.

For most people it’s easy to gain fat, maybe you are one of them, fats contribute the most in over-weighted people.

The biggest solution for losing fat is to work out to lose weight.


A calorie is a unit of energy. In nutrition, calories refer to the energy people get from the food and drink they consume

And the energy they use in physical activity.

They are really essential.See the source image


Proteins are large, complex molecules that play many critical roles in the body.

They do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs.


Carbohydrates are a primary source of food your body uses for energy.

These include simple carbohydrates (such as honey, table sugar, and high-fructose corn syrup), as well as complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbs include starches (such as bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes) and dietary fiber (found in fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains).


1. Fat is bad

I know its heartbreaking but the reality is that fat is not only a bad thing, it can too act as a good thing for you.

Definitely too much fat is a bad thing but if you have a moderate amount of fat in your body then it can be great for uplifting your overall physique.

2. Doesn’t matter how much you eat or what you eat

I personally hate bro science and it has grown like a totally different genre now.

When I started gyming I used to follow a strict diet with not eating extra food.

People in my gym used to tell me that “why do you don’t eat much, what is the point of gyming if you resist yourself from eating”. Or they’d be like ”workout to lose weight bro,  don’t eat less in order to lose weight”.

That perspective is totally wrong so don’t think that way and combine the gym with a good diet.

3. Junk is the only reason

First of all, there is no junk food there is just one term food. Some food has more calories than others and some have fewer calories.

So this term junk is just a taboo in terms to lose weight. Think of calories instead of food to better knowing.

4.lifting heavy/doing more workout to lose weight

The biggest misconception in gyming is that if you lift heavy(doing too much one exercise movement) then you can lose weight easily and quickly but sadly it’s not the truth.

While doing workout to lose weight, never care about the number of sets or reps, only care about the form you are having whether you do only 1 rep or 8 reps.

Lifting weight can help you build muscle but it doesn’t force you fat to vanish.

the best way to workout to lose weight and gain muscle as well is to do HIT workout, cardio, and weight lifting while having a good diet can help you a lot.

5. Just eat protein and you’ll lose weight

This makes me laugh and surprisingly many influencers on youtube tell the same thing but eating just protein can make you even more puffed up.

According to some people workout to lose weight is not going to help unless and until you don’t take a lot of protien supplements.

it can help only when you are frequent with exercising and diet to some extent, otherwise, it will only build muscle and you will still have to cut fat.

Everything at the end converts into calorie and proteins are just a source of calories as are the fats and carbs.


The problem with people is that they think they are right without even knowing anything about the thing.

Never ever think that protein is bad or fat is bad or carbs are good” never do that”

Take up any big bodybuilder or any person around you who was overweight and now does he ask him what’s the difference between the three, proteins, carbs, fat?

If you are wondering what he’ll say- let me tell you:- There is no difference between the three, they are all calories.

That’s the mindset and paradigm you should have because that is the mindset that can push and help you to lose weight.

You just have to decrease the number of calories you intake and workout hard. You should know that to lose weight everything is the same for you, its calories for you.

What role fats play in weight gain and weight loss

Fats, as we talked, are good for your body if consumed just for an energy source but when the fats are excessive then they become something you want to get rid of.

Fats are directly proportional to overweight in a common man’s life and that’s why

When you say ‘I want to lose weight”, most commonly it means that “I want to lose fat”. So you better workout to lose weight

Analyzing your present situation/Fatty portions

Note:- Don’t make any assumptions in your mind, first check your weight according to your height and then decide are you overweight or underweight.

The majority of the skinny people have fat and that is the reason for them being normally weighted while being skinny and not having enough muscle mass.

Before you workout to lose weight, you should understand where you stand right now in terms of fitness and weight.

Skinny/slim but with belly fat

Having belly fat and being skinny with the rest of the body is the most common situation among men especially if you are a teen in your 19’s

But the solution to that problem can be a lot easier if you are ready to give up some time

When you have belly fat the best way is to run and lift some lightweight if possible, your first goal should be to first have your tummy in shape

And then work on the rest of the body.

Skinny/slim but with face and neck fat

If you are a skinny person and have a face and neck fat then I have great news for you.

Among all the fat zones in one’s body face and neck are the easiest ones to work on, the fats on the face and neck are the easiest to lose.

Casual exercising will do work easily and subtly. Keep one thing in mind that losing face fat will not change the shape of your face or alter it.

Many people have a round face naturally and think that if they work out then it will turn into v shape but that’s not true

Working out can make you lose fat but it cant change what you have naturally.

Skinny/slim but with the butt or leg fat

Butt fats and leg fats are just like belly fat and it does take time and effort to vanish but we can make it happen.

Dailly running/cardio if possible, if not go for 5 days a week. Do squats and leg workout at least 2 days a week for better results.


If possible indulge in some sports where legs can be used whether be football or rugby.

Man boobs and belly fat

The thing is that man boobs and belly fat both are really sticky thus it takes time to lose them but with the proper training, you can kill them subtly.

As far as the belly fat is considered, it too sticks along the way. Patience is the key.

Except for legs full body fat.

Well if you are somebody who is suffering from full-body fat then hats off to you

Because people like you go long way with the right amount of inspiration and motivation.

If you want to get good results then it is crucial for you to work out a minimum of 6 days a week.

Having a little curiosity to be slim and fit is just enough for being amazingly good looking.

Full body fat

If you are having full body fat then the thing is that you have one advantage over your self and that is you can alter your body symmetrically.

When you want your hairs to be equal from all the sides, what do you do? you cut all of them and that is the same principle to be applied here,

Cut your whole body fat and then grow it equally and ya it’s not a bro-science.

Finding the right goal

The assumption in fitness is a dead end, when you assume what is better for you- you start to shatter.

Never assume anything in fitness, only practicality and experience work. Trust me.

Once you know that you are overweight or underweight you start working out keenly.

If you are underweight but are having belly or neck/face fat then start eating in a good amount and do light exercise with the right guidance and motive.

For adults, WHO define overweight and obesity as follows: overweight is a BMI greater than or equal to 25; and obesity is a BMI greater than or equal to 30.

BMI provides the most useful population-level measure of overweight and obesity as it is the same for both sexes and for all ages of adults.

People go to the gym not to lose/gain weight or to be fit they go there to lift heavy or to just show off but because of this mindset they fall and they fall badly.

Your only goal should be Fitness so that you can do great in other aspects of life. Only ‘workout to lose weight’ is not going to work here. Exercise according to your body not according to others.

Body types

There are mainly three types of body and they have there own characteristics and traits in terms of fitness.

The reason why they are important for planning workout is that maybe you have a body type that takes time to lose weight or you possess a body that can easily lose weight.

So knowing your body type is very crucial and important in terms to get the desired results fast and firmly.

Now a very common question among men is that “I am fat, how can I judge my body type”.Well, the answer to that is very simple.

Never judge your body type according to the mass, always consider your height and broadness to distinguish between body types.


Ectomorphs are lean with thin legs and arms, narrow chest and shoulders, and little-to-no body fat.

Also known as cerebrotonic, they have narrow faces and appear very delicate. Ectomorphs have a hard time gaining weight – no matter how much they eat,

They remain skinny but it’s easy for them to develop common fat problems in the belly, neck, and face areas(not noticeable)

If you only have a face or neck fat then you fall under ectomorphs but sometimes in a few cases, ectomorphs also posses fat in the area like belly and butt(rarely).

If they workout to lose weight, It’s easy for them to lose fat.


The Endomorph body type is the polar opposite of the ectomorph body type. Known as viscerotonic, they are plump and buxom with narrow shoulders, large arms, and skinny wrists.

Combined with wide hips and extra fat on their thighs, their bodies have a characteristic pear shape.

They tend to gain fat easily compared to ectomorphs, especially in an area like the belly, chest ad face. It takes more time to lose fat for them compared to ectomorphs.


Also known as somatotonic, mesomorphs have muscular bodies with strong arms, strong legs, and very little body fat.

They normally have a narrow waist and a large head that matches their broad shoulders.

They don’t gain fat easily but if somehow they do, it’s hard to lose but because of there dominant mentality they can work hard as per to gain results fast, they usually lack patience.

The Pulp Part- Workout to lose weight

Now you know every basic to start working out and to start your fitness journey So lets now jump into the workout to lose weight section of this blog.Man in Black Shorts Carrying Adjustable Barbells

working hard is not a waste of time, but a state of mind. Keep pushing your limits until you reach the edge. Then be kind and rewind.”
Ana Claudia Antunes

Workout plan

As you know that this is the 3-month workout plan so we will be dividing the beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout according to that.

First month / Beginner month

The first month of your workout to lose weight is the hardest month because your body isn’t friendly to working out and putting itself in a tough zone.

Remember, this is your workout to lose weight that you’ll follow until you don’t loose enough weight

And the solution to that is only the will and courage.

Just make your mental workout. and start going to the gym(if possible, otherwise you can do running and workout in-home)

Your body isn’t friendly to workout so we will try to go for easy and light workout spawning from anywhere between 15 min to 30 min. Let’s see through the workout.


5-10 min of running/cardioMan RunningProfessionals always prefer running instead of cardio if possible but study’s have found that both provide similar results.

Cardio (short for “cardiovascular conditioning”) is an aerobic activity, which means it uses oxygen to increase your breathing and heart rate.

Running is often the most polarizing of the cardio bunch, but any activity that makes you breathe harder and faster and increases your heart rate counts.

2.Chest/back workout

5-8 Reps of push-ups of 2 setWoman Doing Push-Ups

Traditional pushups are beneficial for building upper body strength.

They work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders.

When done with proper form, they can also strengthen the lower back and core by engaging (pulling in) the abdominal muscles.

Pushups are fast and effective exercises for building strength. They can be done virtually anywhere and don’t require any equipment.

Doing pushups every day can be effective if you’re looking for a consistent exercise routine to follow.

You will likely notice gains in upper body strength if you do pushups regularly.

1-2 pull-ups of 2 setMuscular sportsman doing pull up exercise in gym

To be very honest, pull-ups are tough and hard but at the same time they are really beneficial and slowly you build up good strength by doing them regularly.

If you are not able to do even one, at least try.

3.Abdominal workout

5-8 reps of crunches 1 set

The crunch is one of the most popular abdominal exercises.

When performed properly, it engages all the abdominal muscles but primarily it works the rectus abdominal muscle and the obliques.

It allows both building six-pack abs and tightening the belly.

Crunches use the exerciser’s own body weight to tone muscle and are recommended as a low-cost exercise that can be performed at home.

15-30 sec plank

plank is an excellent abdominal and core exercise.

It works not only the rectus abdominal but also the other ab muscles and the core muscles that run from the pelvis along the spine and up to the shoulder girdle.

To ensure you keep your core strong and stable, add the plank to your ab workout program.

4.Leg workout

As a beginner its really tough to recover from leg workout so we are going to do it minimally

5-10 reps of squats for 2 sets with bodyweightMan Doing Squats

A squat is a strength exercise in which the trainee lowers their hips from a standing position and then stands back up.

During the descent of a squat, the hip and knee joints flex while the ankle joint dorsiflexes;

conversely, the hip and knee joints extend and the ankle joint plantarflexes when standing up.


It’s not only good for starting the workout but it’s good for ending the workout too, so after your exercises are completed then do post-workout running.

Second month / Intermediate month

This course should be performed at least 4 times a week for better results. Take a 30-45 sec break after every exercise. And a 2-5 min break after each set.

There should be 2-3 sets performed on each session.

1. Jumping jacks (20 secs ) for 2 sets

Jump and while in the air raise your arms and widen the distance between your legs and in the second jump close your legs again and bring your arms down and then repeat this activity.

This exercise is easy but at the same time effective.

2. Russian twists (30 secs) for 2 sets

Simply sit on the floor and then fold your knees a bit,

And lean back just like when you pull up in abdominal crunches, and then twist to the left side and then to the right side.

It strengthens your abdominal and back muscles.

3. Tricep Dips (5-10 reps) for 2 sets

You can perform it anywhere you want like on the edge of the bed, stairs but I’m providing illustration with the help of two chairs.

Take two chairs with both of them facing each other, now sit on one chair and rest your legs up on the other one.

Now grip both of your hands on the same edge of the front portion and dip your upper body while your legs rest on the other chair and now come back up.

Now repeat it 5-10 times.

4. Push-ups (5-10 reps) for 3 sets

It is one of the most known, performed, and effective muscle exercises ever known.

Well, most people know what pushups are and how to do them but some of the people don’t perform it the proper way.

Your hands should be as much distance as much as your shoulders and also positioned under your chest and close to your body.

Now, dip down and push back up.

5. Burpees (3-5 reps) for 2 sets

Well, some of you might laugh at its name but here’s the point. It’s not as easy as it looks.

This workout to lose weight focuses on your overall body strength. From upper body to lower body, thighs to triceps etc.

Trust me, I’ve been there, making it so easy when I first saw it’s demonstration but when I started performing it, I regretted the way I took it so easy.

Your workout to lose weight is becoming consistent now.

It strengthens almost every Muscle of your under-neck body.

3rd Month / Advanced Month

Running (5-10 min)

Running is still essential for the strengthening of the muscles of your body’s lower portion and most importantly for stamina.

All these exercises should be done in 3 sets at a loop and you should be taking a 2 min break after performing each exercise and a 5-10 min break after each set.

High Knee Taps (30 seconds)

This one is Cardio intensive exercise and is performed at a high pace.

They require no gym equipment and hence, they can be performed anywhere.

Squats (20 reps)

You’ve been doing it lately and you’ve been better at it.

Butt Kicks (30 seconds)

This one is a stretching exercise and it will enhance your leg and thigh stretchings.

Side to Side Explosive Squats (40 seconds)

This workout to lose weight might sound quite destructive but it is one of the most difficult and effective exercises in this course.

Box Step Up (12 reps each)

Simply step an elevation one by one leg and now come down one by one leg. This workout to lose weight might be quite simple in the long term, it’s one of the basics.

Assisted Pistol Squats (10 reps each)

Just like push-ups, squats are of many types with befitting benefits. This workout to lose weight focuses on each of your lower body portion and forces them to perform more and more.

Switching Lunges (40 seconds)

Lunges relate to squats but put more effort into abs, gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

Bulgarian Split Squats (10 reps each)

This is a type of squat that is performed on a single-leg while the other one is resting on an elevated spot. You can call it Unilateral Squats also. This workout to lose weight puts greater focus on your quadriceps and calves.

Glute Bridge (15 reps)

As the name suggests, it focuses on your glutes. It works on your butts, quadriceps, and stretches your abdominal area. This workout to lose weight focuses on the butt area and helps lose fat in that area.

Wall Sit (45 seconds)

It is mainly done to strengthen your quadriceps and is characterized through the two right angles that the body forms. It’s a workout to lose weight that strengths your calves and helps to lose fat in the lower portion.

Broad Jumps / Long Jumps (40 seconds)

This is what you saw in the athletic games, these are long jumps. Now repeat this for the 2nd and 3rd set and you’re done if you’ve completed the third. And keep this month on a loop as this is the workout to lose weight you need.


Workout to lose Weight

  • Some terms to remember Protein, fat, carbs, and calories.
  • Some Misconceptions: Fat is bad, doesn’t matter what or how much you eat, Junk is the only reason, lifting heavy/doing more workout to lose weight and just eat protein and lose weight.
  • You just have to decrease the number of calories you intake and workout to lose weight.
  • If you are underweight but are having belly or neck/face fat then start eating in a good amount and do light exercise with the right guidance and motive.
  • Exercise according to your body not according to others.
  • Ectomorphs are lean with thin legs and arms, narrow chest and shoulders, and little-to-no body fat. If they workout to lose weight, It’s easy for them to lose their little body fat.
  • The Endomorph body type is the polar opposite of the ectomorph body type. Known as viscerotonic, they are plump and buxom with narrow shoulders, large arms, and skinny wrists.
  • Mesomorphs have muscular bodies with strong arms, strong legs, and very little body fat.
  • The first month is the hardest month because your body isn’t friendly to working out and putting itself in a tough zone and the solution to that is only the will and courage.
  • In the Second month, Things will start to get normal and you’ll start to become more consistent in the league. You’re no stranger to working out now. Your workout to lose weight is becoming consistent .
  • The third month will be the most Consistent one, You’ll be better than ever at working out. Now, the results are in front of your eyes and you know it better than anyone.