5 Qualities of Stylish Men. That, Can make you one of them!

Fashion, grooming, outfits… and god knows how many qualities and tactics stylish men use to be like that! but there are not only clothes which make them stylish. How do they do it and what are the tactics they use and when they do it and even who does it. So here are the 5 qualities of stylish men that can make you one of them.

1.Stylish innovation

People are so much in a follow genre rather than to be in a leading genre and that makes it tough to be innovative. Amazing celebs like Hritik Roshan. Zayn Malik, Shawn Mendes are the masters in innovation. These people are in the leading genre of fashion which is followed by several people.

Have you ever realized where the new fashion comes from or when the new trend gets into the market? The innovators are the people who start trends and then brands notice their styles then new clothes and new apparel is made by brands. Innovation can be found everywhere if we notice like imagine who would have made the first cell phone or who would have made a new music instrument if that person wasn’t innovative.

Think of innovation as an art to master. Quality of innovation can be found in really amazing people because that’s a compulsion. People who become great are the people who choose to be different, who work their life in their way only. They are the masters of their own actions that’s why we call them innovators or should I call them stylish men?

Mannequin Wearing Pink Box

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change

How to do it

All the innovators and trend makers follow a very simple rule to be an innovator that rule has been followed by many other successful and stylish men. See fashion is tough to master when you are not blunt about it. Being blunt is the only rule innovators follow, you cant do great things if you are afraid of somebody or something because people who are afraid aren’t meant to do great things.

The fear of what people are going to say and what they are going to perceive is the biggest and that what stops you from being an innovator. Trying new clothes, modifying new outfits, and doing anything with fashion that doesn’t exist already is called innovation. Stylish men are masters at it and to be among those stylish men you too have to be blunt.

Stylish sad man playing songs on smartphone for air balloon

When to do it

Innovation is a great thing but there are specific times to do it and that what makes it interesting in a way. Just imagine if you are going to a party and you wore a totally modified outfit for the first time at that party, was that the right time? obviously not. Why? because innovation is meant to make you more stylish not to make you a dumbo who doesn’t even know what he is wearing.

The best time to innovate your outfits and modify them is when you are not attending a big gathering or you are not going to important meetings. Now you’ll be thinking that what is the point to innovate if you are not going to present yourself in that style in public? well if that is what you are asking then no worries because we got you covered. When you are wearing something which you just innovated or modified then don’t wear it in parties and stuff because you don’t know how are people going to react on that outfit “be blunt but smart too”.

In that case, you should first wear those outfits in general and in small gatherings. If you get good comments on that then its good to go for big parties and gatherings. Being smart while using your innovation to be stylish is the key here.Photo Of Man Bringing Radio

Who does it

The first name which comes in my mind is Zac Efron, I mean look at his outfits, and the way he represents himself is tremendous and attractive. He gives his innovations his own touch by simplicity and firmness.

In the case of innovation our former player and always the hunk David Beckham is never out of the race, he is always wearing these different cowboy outfits with his personal touch of manliness in his outfits.

See the source image

Why do they do it

The biggest reason why you should be an innovator and why these stylish people possess this quality is because innovation is an extraordinary art, doesn’t matter in which genre you use it that genre will shine up. The people of this world are so much busy copying different people that now they love to have a point to focus and It’s just so different that you always shine grasping innovation.

Give them that point and focus by being the innovator they want.

Man Wearing Black Hat and Black Coat

Keep in mind

This biggest problem while innovating is the misunderstanding that you cant have inspiration because many people think that copying is similar to inspiration but that’s totally wrong. Inspiration can make you even greater innovation. So keep getting inspirations.

Personal touch

We all have something which comes with us, something special which nobody else has. It is found that most of the very successful people have something different from anybody else. That spark may be difficult to find but surely is in everybody and that I can give surety about. If you think “I can’t be successful or stylish because I don’t have that spark in me” then my friend you have to spend some time with yourself.

A personal touch can be a great deal in fashion because doesn’t matter how much you try to be out of the crowd in fashion its always really complex. Only that specialty of yours in fashion can make you look out of the crowd. You can wear whatever you want with a little special touch which is your style trademark. If you don’t have any then find one or make it because it is a game-changer.Man Wearing Black Notched Lapel Suit Jacket

Life is gray and dull; you might as well have a little fun when you dress

How to do it

The only way to apply your personal touch is to first find that touch and then apply in with your brains involved. I was good at fashion in my past times when I used to work with brands but my shoots weren’t there, I mean no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t be phenomenal then I realized that I am not bad at fashion and I am not doing anything wrong but instead of being wrong I am missing something and that was my own touch.

The right way to do it is to do it minimally.

The preferred way to do it is to do it in a way that you always leave something for next time.

I used to innovate a lot with my style and fashion but still, that was my inspiration. Later I realized I can put myself in that style by just representing my sense. After those few years, I decided that I loved the way my outfits can represent emotions and I just did that. I started representing firmness and subtlety by having black in my outfits and it ended up being my trademark. Black is my personal touch. What’s yours?Grayscale Photography of Man

When to do it

Every time, yes you read it right. Every time is the only way to execute personal touch and that describe’s its essence as well because personal touch is always about representing something personal and unique and it’s all about representing your trademark with subtlety and passion. Now you can think that “why do you have to do it every time, can’t I do it occasionally in only parties or gatherings” well you can but then your personal touch won’t b called your trademark.

Black Leather Wallet Near the Necktie

So the only way to have that subtlety and passion is by wearing your trademark everywhere, include your personal touch everywhere and anywhere possible. One more way to have that subtlety and passion is by understanding your personal touch and trademark first and then applying it to your outfits and styles occasionally. I sometimes see people having multiple touches like some people love to combine simplicity with a fiery look or sometimes they will go for simplicity and sometimes they go for a bit firey look individually.

who does it

One of the biggest examples of personal touch and trademark is our late Apple founder Steve Jobs. He used to wear his turtleneck everywhere and it turned out to be his trademark which he wore everywhere he went and that is what we really call personal touch “a real trend maker” at that time turtlenecks were not that famous but because of him, they became a hype.

See the source image

John wick a character played by Keanu reeves is too a gamer in a personal touch genre. If you have watched John wick then you must know what I am talking about. Though john wick is just a character the way he represents personal touch is just mind-boggling. His personal touch is black with a hint of danger.See the source image

Why they do it

This quality was used among pirates and their ships, they used to have particular signs and trademarks on their flags so that if somebody sees that flag from a distance then they would know that who’s ship is that. Later on, fashion enthusiasts like Betsey Johnson (b. 1942)and Calvin Klein (b. 1942) found this trademark technique and applied it in their fashion. The personal touch is something that not only defines your style and fashion but also defines you and your character.

The fidelity it offers is great. you can represent whatever you want. It hints to other people about your nature and continues to make a mystery sense of judgment in people very smartly.

Confident classy ethnic man standing in sunny countryside

Keep in mind

Now comes the dangerous part, not dangerous but you should keep it in mind that the biggest mistake you can do in your personal touch is doing it too much and copying it. Doing too much will make your touch fade faster and we don’t want that. If you are going to copy somebody else’s touch and consider it yours then it’s not your style. Stylish men have this attitude to look good so that they can feel good so don’t copy instead be the boss of your style to be stylish.

Balanced style

I sometimes just wonder that how much this quality helps stylish men to stay fresh and new (always) but nobody sees this happening or them doing or possessing this habit/quality but it always works and is the most unknown quality of stylish men. Being stylish is easy when you know amazing tactics to be and it’s one of them. Have you ever thought that why do many people look new every time doesn’t matter when you look at them?

Balanced style means neutrality between a clean and messy look. The neutral style is the best because you never grow old and it defines a gentleman as well as a dominating personality in you with great precision. balanced style is great for parties as well as small gatherings too. You must have seen many males with a perfect set hair but they possess a stubble, nobody gives a thought but that is the reason why that person is looking so good.

A little sense of what suites you in a clean look and what suites you in a messy look can be a game-changer if you want to be stylish and have style in your nerves.A Man Showing His Bike In A Parking Area

keep your clean and messy looks together

How to do it

Its all about being balanced between your style, just make sure that you don’t go all the way towards the clean look or go all the way towards messy look because that will ruin the neutrality of your style and will make you a common individual among stylish people. Neutrality should be the goal of your style and fashion.

I know you want to be extraordinary and above average but then why neutrality in your style, why to be balanced, how being balanced with your style will make you stylish? It’s the misunderstanding that makes you think and have those questions.

Being balanced with your style doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your extraordinary fashion to be stylish because balanced with your style means having the same approach towards the messy look and clean look and ya you don’t need to leave up to your desired look. later on below in the blog, you’ll know-how.Man in Blue Dress Shirt and Black Formal Suit

When to do it

Always unless it’s not a theme. The straight-up goal for having a balanced style is to look fresh and new so what will be the point of having a neutral design if you are going to do it only occasionally then there is no big advantage in it. If you are comfortable doing it only occasionally then it’s good too but still, the best way to do it is to make it your daily to go quality.

The best way to have a balanced style is to have it daily because like we talked about being fresh and new but having a balanced style every day will make you extraordinarily attractive when you will follow a specific theme. eg:- I usually wear tough clothes like boots and minimal t-shirts with a clean shave so I am usually having a balanced style but then when I’ll wear specific themes like a tuxedo with a clean shave or something messy like ripped jeans and black T with man bun and stubble. I will possess layers in people’s eyes which will make me attractive and it works for everybody including you.Photo of a Man Listening Music on his Phone

Who does it

See the source image
Courtesy-: Just…

The biggest example can be given of Robert Pattinson. He lives in a balanced style he isn’t only stylish in his movies but also he applies like a ton of tactics in his style and one of those tactics is balancing the style and then showing off his layers in theme parties.

He is the fashion designer who brought tremendous growth in fashion in terms of evolution Tom ford follows this quality/habit with a lot of dedication and processes. He usually wears formals but with them, he goes with the stubble and that in short is balancing his style. In parties too he goes most of the time with balanced looks but sometimes he let his layers off to the ground.See the source image

Come on how can we leave Brad pit the king of balancing style and showing off his style layers no doubt he is a stylish male but apart from his clothing sense he has a very subtle way to present his style.See the source image

Why do they do it

There are two sides of style and fashion, one is messy and one is clean. Now people are really divided between the two types but a stylish man always goes with neutrality because you get the best of both styles.

One more reason for possessing this quality is that it makes your style to stay young forever because the more you have left behind, the more you can show. Being balanced and then sometimes showing more of your style makes a sense of mystery and an old man said “there is nothing sexier than mystery”.

Man Standing on Concrete Pavement Near Building

Keep in mind

If this quality is so good then why all the stylish males don’t follow it? that is why because it has a big leak in it if you do it wrong. When you try to ride on both styles there are many chances that you will instead of getting the best of both worlds, you will not even get the best of one style. So be careful and be smart while you posses this power.

Occasional style

This my friend is the game-changer for your style and the best part is that if you follow style and are in the quest of being stylish then you already must be following this habit or possessing this quality.

Occasional style means that you change your themes and your styles according to different occasions and gatherings eg:- I usually wear really tactical clothes when I am traveling and at the same time if I have to go to a party then I will wear something luxury and fancy(obviously balancing my style and having my personal touch) but if I have to go to a date with a lady for the first time then I am going to wear a more subtle outfit which is nor too over fancy or dull.Man in Formal Suit Jacket Holding His Necktie

Surprise people with your fashion, do it occasionally for the mystery hunger

How to do it

Changing your styles according to a theme is one way but many big seducers of all the time like Casanova had the same quality but they had a different way of doing it and that was to know who is going to be in the gathering and selecting whom to attract and then wear the outfit in accordance to that. This tactic still is used by many seducers maybe they are around you somewhere.

This takes time and effort which you too should give to your style but if you are somebody who isn’t having that much time to be stylish the best way is to just change your style and fashion according to situations and occasions. Just bring subtlety to your occasional style.

Having this quality is easy but maintaining it is difficult if you don’t give much of a thought who is going to be in that gathering, do it consciously so that you have good control on your seducing power.

Pair of Brown Leather Casual Shoes on Table

When to do it

The name reflects itself and that is all about it. you have to do it occasionally that’s why its called Occasional style. Why occasional? the only reason to do it occasionally is that everybody wears clothes but the only difference between a normal man and a stylish man is that stylish men put there mind in there style smartly and consciously, when we do something occasionally we leave something for people and that thing is craving to see more from you.

So do it less, very less, do it occasionally and the style will be yours.

Person Sitting on Stairs Beside Sunglasses

Who does it

It can be dramatic at first but the reality is that every or to be precise most of the stylish men do it and possess this quality.

One of the first among men who come in my mind is Bradley cooper. Apart from his amazing facial muscles his style is awesome too when it comes to daily wear, he is a casual wearing guy (most of the time) but he is a king in occasional styling.See the source image

The second person on the list is Johnny Depp, he likes to be in a comfortable style on daily basis but when we talk about party outfits, he nails it.See the source image

Chris Evans is next, he not only nailed in marvel universe but he is amazing in style too. He is considered to be one of the most pragmatic and stylish stars. He too goes for the minimal approach for most of the days except his party time.See the source image

Why they do it

As we know that mystery is sexy and if you let people crave for your style then it’s gonna make you more of a hot man, These celebs do it because they know when you let people think oohh he is simple and when you show them the extreme stylish version they get in love with you.

Stylish can be your definition if you go for a surprise to the people around you by showing them the real style you have and that’s how they are gonna know that you are a stylish man of mystery.

Keep in mind

The beauty of the occasional design is that it has this sense of freeness and no burden but the only thing you have to keep in mind is that just do it occasionally and don’t let people see your tactics for being stylish.


I can’t deny and I know you can’t too because Confidence is the must-have to be a stylish man and all of them have confidence quality in them. Confidence in treated like an ornament in style and fashion, who wears it becomes extraordinary and amazingly attractive.

Why does the brand hire top models to showcase their clothes and apparel? the answer is simple, if you are thinking because they are handsome and beautiful then my friend you are wrong the answer is confidence. Models have the confidence to wear new clothes and to rock in them, a tendency to go with the flow while not caring about the people and they represent themselves with great attitude and bluntness.

So confidence can play a huge role in how you look and perceive yourself.Man in Blue Suit

Confidence is not “will they like me?” Confidence is “they will like me.”

How to do it

You must be thinking that “this right here is the dead end because confidence is natural and if somebody doesn’t possess it then how in the world can I grasp it” but the reality is different. I was a shy kid and I hated the stage but one day I said to myself that I want to be more and that is the day I got confidence. Down below are some of my own tips and the tips applied by many successful confident people.

1. Talking alone

I started talking to myself in the mirror or anywhere possible. I used to pretend that I am talking to a big crowd and slowly it started working, I became awesome with my speaking with big crowds and people.Silhouette of Person Sitting and Facing Mountain during Sunset

talking alone is your personal victory which helps you to conquer public ones.

2. Meeting people

some people consider it a downfall because they think that meeting with people can make you feel inferior and thus lacks confidence but I and many other philanthropists believe that if you are afraid of something then do it more, do it until that fear becomes a part of yours.

Photograph of Men Having Conversation Seating on Chair

3.Dress well

Confidence lacks when you think that you are not good enough and the only solution to that is feeling your worth and price. The best way to feel good about yourself is by taking care of yourself. You can do anything which will pamper you like shopping, grooming, etc but I personally dressed well so that I know that my impact on other people is strong enough that I can focus on other things.Man In Grey Suit Standing On Stair

When to do it

Confidence is a quality once you have conquered then you don’t have to worry about it so much because it grows with you and your evolution. So there is no situation where you shouldn’t be confident because being alpha is all about confidence.Man in Black Suit Holding Smartphone and Sunglasses

Who does it

Though every successful and stylish man has this quality, some are the best executers with there skill.

Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman has always been professional and confident. He’s known for his acting prowess in movies like X Men and Logan. But aside from coming across as very supreme in his acting, he is also popular for his hairstyles that always look cool no matter what. Dashing and handsome, Hugh Jackman never fails to impress …

Chris Pine.

Courtesy-: Dujour magazine

Why do they have it

Confidence in some sense is natural but that doesn’t mean you don’t possess it. This quality is spread among stylish people because like I said its an ornament to wear and there are infinite benefits that one has with it as it completes you.
Everybody possesses it, you just need to find it in yourself. I almost forgot the king of confidence Ryan Reynolds.

Keep in mind

You already guessed it right. Ya its over-confidence which you have to keep in mind, it can bring you really really down. So, have subtlety as well with your confidence.


1. Be Innovative with your style and don’t let the subtlety go, do it smarty as an experiment.

2. Have a personal trademark and give your outfits a personal touch but don’t copy it, it should be only yours.

3. Balance your style between messy and clean so you get the best of the whole world.

4. Have different styles for occasions which nobody knows, Dress awesome occasionally so you are in the mystery talk always.

5. Have confidence because its a game changer, It can make you an overnight star but keep in mind that you don’t go over.

This world only eats, works, sex, sleeps but some people are willing to be amazing, who want to be more, who knows where they stand. The people who hunger for being more and stylish “to us I say this is just the beginning”.