All about Masculinity.

Have you ever wondered What makes a man “Man”?

Yes, it is his Masculinity that makes him different from others. But how does it helps in attracting your environment? Does ‘Beard’ looks better on our faces or is it clean shave that looks better?

You’re gonna get answers of all that in this article ’cause we are here back and again to show you how to get an attractive personality, The Basics. You’re gonna get all of that right now and here.


So, What makes a man ‘Man’? Well, as we already told, Masculinity is the most essential part of a man’s personality development and it plays a remarkable role in making a man ‘Man’. Masculinity comes from your body within, look at your body in the Mirror, aren’t you like your father, uncle and all other men. It’s because you along with all of them are men and all men have the thing called ‘Masculinity’ which we just need to enhance. Remember, we all have it, our environment is already seeing it. We can enhance it by following tips and tactics.

Masculinity is composed of many essential abilities, such as deep voice, good manners, charm, hygiene etc. Masculinity feels real when we start treating situations with maturity and kindness, just like a gentlemen. However, until and unless we don’t attain discipline in our lives, we won’t be able to achieve that. In order to achieve that we have to practice several practices such as Meditation as it will help you attain discipline better than anything, it will also help you in being patient and calm even in harsh situations and hence, it will help you in gaining masculinity better than anything.

Let us bust a myth here, people say that “Men with beards look more manly than men with stubbles or a clean shave” but that goes totally wrong. If we take a look not only at practicality but also in looks, it comes to attention that beard makes you look older, whereas a clean shave makes you look younger. It is up to you, whether you want to look younger or older. We are not saying that a clean shave is better than a beard. What we are trying to say is that it is up to you what you want, you have to experience what suits you or what does not.

Beards require proper and time to time maintenance. If you don’t maintain it, it will make it look undefined and disguised rather than providing definition to your face. Those men who are a little fat or even those who don’t even seem to be fat but are actually fat from waist and belly tend to have a chubby face, which looks better with a beard or a stubble as facial hair provides definition to the face whereas Men who are physically fit tend to have a defined face, and due to less body fat, their cheekbones along with their jawlines are highlighted and their cheeks are also hollowed in. Ultimately, providing them a defined face structure which will make any beard style whether it is a stubble, beard, goatee, or even clean shave look sexy.

We would recommend you to try different beard styles on your face so that you will know which style suits you the best. We also hope that this article must have helped you a lot with your doubts on beard styles.