Anger Management. 5 Tips to help you take great control over your anger.

Suffering from Explosive anger? Can’t control it? Does it do any good to the situation to which you react? Does it help you feel better after that?

Uncontrolled Anger Management is one of the most common factors of unhappiness in a person’s life. You might not know but is more damaging than you think.

Children are more sensitive to angry behavior. If someone sheds anger over them, it has a negative effect on them afterward.

It’s not that easy to control anger, that you’re gonna read this article, apply it in your routine, and done. No, it’s not like that.

Anger Management is something in which you have to be patient and suffer a lot more situations that make you angry so that you know how to manage your temper in real situations.

Anger is healthy unless and until no one is harmed by it, even when only you are being harmed by it, it becomes dangerous.

Anger Management.

What is Anger?

Anger is a natural response (an emotion) to perceived threats. It causes our body to release adrenaline, your muscles to tighten, and your heart rate and blood pressure to increase.

Your senses might feel more acute and your face and hands flushed. You feel a lot of pressure. Whether it’s mental or physical.

Common emotions known to trigger anger are anxiety, shame, sadness, fear, frustration, guilt, disappointment, worry, embarrassment, jealousy, and hurt.

Listen, Anger is healthy, it expresses what your mind is going through and is neither good nor bad for you but it does become unhealthy when it is not being controlled by you when you start exploding with anger.

That is what you call, Chronic Anger and that is the reason why Anger Management is necessary for every person on this planet.

Anger Management

Damages Anger Causes

It can cause damage to your Mental Health, Physical Health, even career, and Relationships.

• Mental Health: Chronic anger consumes huge amounts of mental energy, and clouds your thinking, making it harder to concentrate or enjoy life. It can also lead to stress, depression, and other mental health problems.

• Physical Health: Constantly operating at high levels of stress and anger makes you more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, a weakened immune system, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

• Career: Creative differences and heated debate can be healthy. But lashing out only disguises relations with your colleagues, supervisors, or clients and erodes their respect.

• Relationships: Anger can cause serious damage in the people you love most and get in the way of friendships and work relationships. Explosive anger makes it hard for others to trust you, speak honestly, or even feel comfortable.

5 Tips to Help Control Anger. Anger Management.

Anger Management is not very difficult actually. These following tips are surely going to help you out with Uncontrolled anger.


Meditation is something that I’ve been recommending to every single person who suffers from stress, anxiety, depression, and other mentally associated discomforts.

Meditation helps your mind to clean itself from stressful thoughts and creates a new vision, which helps you find out solutions to the problems you never thought existed.

It helps you examine every situation with mindfulness and hence, you do not react to it inappropriately or aggressively.

Sleep 8+ hours.

Sleeping not only calms your body down but also gets your mind, some needed rest. Sleeping more than eight hours will be healthy enough for your body to work.

Sleeping less can cause tiredness, weakness, or can elevate negative thoughts in your mind, leave you feeling short-tempered.

Laugh a lot.

Laughing a lot can really help smooth the differences by lighting up the mood. It allows you to see all the things within the perspective.

Whenever you feel getting in an angry situation, just try using a little and lighthearted humor. It will allow your point across without hurting his/her feelings.

But Laugh with them, not on them. Avoid sarcasm or mean humor. So, laugh as much as you want.


Exercise can help burn off tension and stress. You’ll feel a lot more relaxed throughout the day.

At least 25 minutes of exercise is important on each day or if you’re a kinda newbie or beginner, you can break down into three periods of exercise throughout the day, with 8 mins and 20 secs of each period.

Say no to Alcohol & Drugs.

Alcohol and drugs get you high and lower your presence of mind and can make it even harder to control your anger. Anger Management is totally gone at that time.

Consuming Caffeine a lot also can make you prone to anger.
So, limit your Caffeine intake also.

And the next one is my favorite way for Anger Management.

Bonus Tip for Anger Management: Groove your energy when you get angry.

Sing, Dance, or just listen to music whenever you get angry. It helps calm down your mind and relaxes your Body plus Mind both.

Singing expresses your emotions and your mind frees itself in the beautiful form of Music. And same with Dancing, Acting, and Listening to Music.

So, that’s it for Anger Management. We’ll back again tomorrow with a fresh new topic and until then, goodbye.

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