The True Brotherhood, How much important role do your Pals possess? Pt. 1, Determining your Company..

Brotherhood. Your pals, your hangout-group or your only friend, even your family, are your company.

In short, the people you surround yourself with, except those who you don’t like or who you do not to be with are your company or you can say, your Brotherhood.

Look influencing is a big thing.The time you spend with you brotherhood results in your influencing. Yes, we all get influenced by our friends and in simple words, we influence them and they influence us.

If you want to be successful in any genre of life whether it is career, relationships or anything, you really need to have a company that supports you, and always have your back.

You are going to be as good as they are and also as bad as they are but the thing is, are they true to you, are they a true brotherhood to you?


How to decide whether your company/brotherhood is good or bad for you?

There are a lot of ways which you are going to experience yourself. For example, you’ll experience the kind of energy they posses around you.

Do they still make you feel comfortable and happy whenever possible even when you disappoint them? Or do they just discourage you when you even when you try to make things right? Are they even a real brotherhood to me?

But for sure I can tell some of them by my personal experience. Raise these questions in your mind and then try to find the answers of it.

  • Look out for their support. Do they provide you enough support whenever possible?
  • What do they think of you? Or do they even think of you? Do they admire you? Do they spread positive words about you or backstab you while you’re not around ?
  • Do they cheer you for your accomplishments and one-ups of your successes? Do they think you can succeed in what you believe you can?

Well, if they fail to prove these three questions, then you shouldn’t be with them anymore. Instead of thinking why they were like this, focus on finding the right and ideal company for you.

The company that always supports you, makes you happy and has your back even when you disappoint them.

Believe me, finding the right company isn’t as hard as it appears. By the time, you will experience relationships which are going to describe you what true a brotherhood actually is.

• How to leave that toxic company?

There are two common ways to leave your toxic company. Here, I name them:

A. The daring but hurtful way.

 It’s not really going to be tough if you leave slow and steady but if you still think you can just tell them that you don’t want to be with them anymore then it is completely your own choice.

Otherwise if you don’t want to leave them by hurting their feelings then, You should start leaving with the help of option B.

B. The Time-consuming but a lot less hurtful way.

  • Start skipping their meetups and plans.
  • Show a bit of change in behavior by talking less, being less frank, being a bit of ignorant and odd to their calls and texts.
  • And after sometime when you think it is the right time for you to stop contacting them completely, then just cut all the connections with them so that, it would be to their knowledge, that you left.
  • If they still come in your contact, treat them nicely like you treat the people who you just once used to know. You know, almost like a stranger.
  • If they meet you someday and ask you why you left? Then just be straight to them about what you were going through while being with them.

According to me, Option B is a better choice as it does not plays any hurtful act, it’s just slow but positively effective.

But still you know, if you wanna go fast and don’t have enough time for option B, then go for option A.