Gentlemen. Worth being or not?

Being a Gentleman may sound old-fashioned in the era of hip-hop and Bad Boy personalities and staying a true gentleman may not be as fun as a bad boy but a Gentleman is always more appealing and mature as compared to Bad boys. And it’s never easy to become a gentleman and we know it is because Good things are never accomplished easily. But believe me, if you start by applying these morals into your daily life and slowly but steadily become habitual to it, In the meantime, you will become a true gentleman.

• Being proud of yourself, not over-proud!

It is very important for a man to be proud of himself or we can say he should be self-important because unless and until he’s not proud of himself, he can never become brave enough to withstand harsh circumstances. Remember one thing, “You are who you are and no one in this world can change or deny that”. Being proud of yourself will not only boost your confidence level but it will also make you believe in yourself. But don’t be over-proud, it will make you a freak, or in other words, disguised and unstable. It will give rise to greed and will spoil your image socially and when you’re gonna realize, it will damage your image personally. So, before you start applying this moral, just remember that you have to proud, not over-proud. You know, less ego and more heart.

• Being humble and kind

In this World, full of materialistic things, we’ve forgotten who we actually are. We all are just running in different kinds of rat-races. We are humans and we are supposed to build an ecosystem in which we help each other but we are not even kind to each other. A real voguish never criticises anyone. He helps them whenever possible, he never makes anyone feel like a stranger to him, his hospitality and kindness make anyone feel comfortable around him. A True Gentleman believes in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a Sanskrit phrase which means, The whole world is one family. It conveys succinctly That we prosper or sink together as one family. It broadens our consciousness by underlining that human beings are one family.

• Having multiple and extraordinary skills.

Skills such as communication, adaptability, problem-solving, creativity, accountability etc are known to be really effective in our day to day life emphasizing our life and leadership skills. These skills play a very important role in making us specialized at work, home and even makes us playful and comfortable to hang out with. Even in our daily life, they make a lot of tough things easier to do. The more the skills the more you strengthen your power efficiency and thus, you will be able to do loads of work just in few minutes. Having multiple and special skills helps you run faster than others in the race of work efficiency. Motivate yourself to learn more and more skills, learn how to play a guitar, learn more computer skills, learn how to repair a car etc. People of this era would really like to see a man with that much extraordinary skills. Thus, having multiple and extraordinary skills will make you stand out of the box. You can improve your skill sets by setting up a plan, Being honestly dedicated to your milestones and goals, having a role model would really help if you compare less and aspire more and most importantly, having fun while learning and using them. You should be able to find joy in the things you are going to do because it’s not just about being the best between rest of the men, it’s about having fun while using your skill sets and that work should be more of like any play to you than a job.

• Discipline 

The practice of training your mind and body so that you control your actions, obey rules and behave in a controlled way. Remember, discipline works silently and with discipline anything is possible.It helps you fight and conquer rough situations in everyday life. You can also n attain discipline through Meditation or Yoga. They would really be more beneficial to your body providing you strength, flexibility, discipline throughout your mind and body. You can also read some books on it in order to have proper guidance and help. Some books that we suggest are : 

1. No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline    Book by Brian track

2. Daily Self-Discipline: Everyday Habits and Exercises      to Build Self-Discipline and Achieve Your Goals    Book by Martin Meadows

3. Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual    Book by Jocko Willink

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