How to build up high body strength at Home?

There may be a ton of types of home workout for gaining high body strength but one thing about fitness is that it needs patience, consistency, time, and a lot of knowledge.

Muscle building may be easy for you but strength building is hard and most of all complicated but because of the great need for strength in today’s world we need a simple yet effective home workout for gaining high body strength.

Below you’ll find evrything you need to know about strength building and how you can easily be really effective in your workout and exercise.

Building strength is not child’s play but if you are dedicated enough then I promise you that you won’t only have a strength level of a marine but you will be unstoppable in your daily tasks as well.

Once upon a time, Arnold was asked ‘what do you do on cheat days’ he answered “I exercise”.

This single answer is the core of the body buiding and strength buiding, It has alot more in sense then it seems.

The biggest of it is the dedication and consistency to your workout, strength is the basis to further improve your muscles and other aspects of your physical structure.

Below is not only the workout for gaining high body strength but also everything related to strength including aspects, don’ts, diet plan, and everything you need to know about.

Here is a full and only guide you need to build high body strength including a home workout for gaining high body strength.

“I have nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success. Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses.”

– Kobe Bryant, 5-time NBA Championship winner


Strength is how much you build up the muscular tention in your body, it is the quality and state you being phisically strong and active.

Imagine a balloon, what is it’s stated in terms of resistance to bursting? that state of staying puffed is the balloon’s strength and if its resistance to burst is high then we can say that the balloon has a high strength.

The same applies to us humans, usually, we see the aspect of strength with the home workout for gaining high body strength because it is the main source of building your resistance towards muscle failures and body breakdowns at home.

Home workout for gaining high body strength

If you have quick muscle failures and fast body breakdowns then that means that you have less strength and the main way you can find a perfect workout for gaining high body strength.

Now in general strength can be defined in any way and with anything possible, for example:- your smartphone’s strengths and weaknesses, etc.

If your body breaks down easily during a specific task then you have low resistance and that task comes under your weaknesses, though the core problem is your strength in these matters usually.

Strength can be a lot more beneficial and important in almost every aspect you can imagine in your life.

The biggest yet simplest advantages you can have by building strength…

Importance of the Workout for gaining High body strength.

Building up strength has a lot of benefits to it and they are not what you think they are, like I said home workout for gaining high body strength is the best way to have what you desire but the pulp part is that it has a lot of indirect pros to it.

Like when you drink water, It dosent only give your vocals pleasure and relief but it also benefits your skin, muscles, brain, and your whole body.
The same goes with your home workout for gaining high body strength, it dosent only help you build your muscle resistance but many more things.

Body strength can make you feel alot more something.

Mental Strength

One of the biggest and most significant change comes in your mental strength from your home workout for gaining high body strength.

Do you know how important is an exercise for your mental and emotional strength? a lot, the best way to increase your emotional stability and your mental strength is to home workout for gaining high body strength.

It’s one of those indirect benefits you get from the home workout for gaining high body strength, we all feel low and sometimes broken but there is a simple way out and that is working out.

Physical strength always pushes your whole body including your brain, to gain physical strength and improve your emotional stability, mood swings, and mental strength.

I myself have seen a significant change after my home workout for gaining high body strength, it made me feel happy and strong from inside.

Physical strength may be important for the external tasks and you may follow a home workout for gaining high body strength to lift heavy and look more attractive but to win big challenges, you should have a high mental strength which too comes from your physical strength.

Workout for gaining high body strength makes you empowered from the inside out. At first, it may seem like that you are working from the outside in because you are working on your physical strength, but physical strength is just a way to improve your mental strength and that starts from your home workout for gaining high body strength.

In 2015, Scott Lloyd Robinson, Anneliese Lambeth-Mansell, Gavin Gillibrand, Abbie Smith-Ryan and Laurent Bannock of Robinson et al. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

They did a case study on nutrition and conditioning intervention for natural bodybuilding contest preparation.

This case study shows that a structured and scientifically supported nutrition and conditioning strategy can be effectively implemented to reduce body fat whilst improving physiological parameters of health, maintaining a favorable mood state, and positively influencing the strength and the mental state of a person.

It improves our mental state mostly by producing endorphins in our body which is a “feel good hormone” thus we feel good.

Disease evaporation

Workout for gaining high body strength or exercising, in general, may seem like just normal but it has a lot of amazing benefits to it.

Now we all know that if we home workout for gaining high body strength or exercise or do yoga or anything which pushes our body to its limits and sets some new one, it improves our general health…

but what we don’t know is that home workout for gaining high body strength helps in rescuing your body from upcoming threats as well, and not only that but it also helps in killing the current disease you have(if you have).

You may not believe that how a simple home workout for gaining high body strength can make you less troubled by your health problems.
For backing up here is the case study which proved this.

Lydia Simpson of Bangor University, UK

This case study reveals that exercise is vitally important in optimizing sporting performance, improving health, and managing disease.
Research reveals that physical inactivity is fast becoming one of the biggest problems facing western society.

According to this case study: A sport and exercise science degree is often considered a poor man’s medicine degree; but, exercise is medicine.

This research focused on how the sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous system is activated during exposure to low oxygen availability, which can be experienced at high altitude or in disease.

Now obviously you should have proper nutrition while you are following any exercising routine or home workout for gaining high body strength.
home Workout for gaining high body strength and see yourself getting fit while you start to get ready for more great things in your life.

More Attractive

Now, who dosen’t wanna look good and attractive while being fit? I believe everybody should look good for their own good and chose to be more attractive.

Now following the home workout for gaining high body strength, your physique significantly improves and you start to look fit and attractive.

Home workout for gaining high body strength helps you to get your body in the right direction of the physique, if you are fat- it will make you lean and if you are skinny- it will give you the perfect lean mass.

Now gaining strength as I said is not child’s play but if you have patience and dedication then you will have your desired results at ease.

When you start following the home workout for gaining high body strength, you shall keep patience becasue you are not going to have your dramatic results in one night.

It requires dedication and consistency to kill the unhealthy game.

That was about your body but what about your face? well, that too is covered when you are hunting for strength.

Home Workout for gaining high body strength increases the circulation of blood on the face, allowing the oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells.

This helps in the formation of new cells, and exfoliation of old cells. Besides this, the skin also absorbs more humidity, thus resulting in far more healthy and cleaner skin.

Thus, your face shines when you follow your home workout for gaining high body strength and in general it affects your whole skin and improves it significantly.

There are many other benefits and aspects from which we can aspire but these are some of the ones which needed some light.

Myths and misconceptions about gaining Strength and strength itself.

As another aspect of human life, we know fitness too has been called upon as a taboo and because of that, there are many myths and misconceptions.

The same pattern is followed in this criteria of fitness, Gaining strength is simple- you may just have to follow few principles for it and you are good to go but it’s important to release the myths.

Home Workout for gaining high body strength may seem straightforward and it is straight but sometimes myths accompanied with misconceptions can come in the way.

Let’s talk about them all.

Bigger the stronger

The biggest myth we all have been a victim of or still we are is that we are told that guy who is the biggest is probably the strongest but this statement is as wrong as it is silly.

I still remember my fight with a fat dude who everybody was afraid of in my junior year, you guessed it “it’s storytime”.

I was just walking in my corridor and suddenly he came from the back and hit my head but I stayed calm because I was mutual with him but then I realized that he was doing that to everybody.

The next day I hit him on his head and said “hi” just like he did to me the day before, and he got offended and started pushing me so, I punched him and then we had an ugly fight but he couldn’t even touch me, though I did get in great trouble because I kinda punched him hard and my principal was mad at me.

That is the day when everybody realized that he was not the strongest, nor was I – I just stood up for myself and fought for my dignity.

One more case with me was just after those years with a really big in size guy, he punched and I just manipulated him so much that he said sorry to me in front of everybody.

So the moral of the stories is that nobody is stronger than you and you only are the strongest, so be kind and stand up for your dignity, one more moral is that biggest is not the strongest.

Many people go to the gym just to get pumped up and get big, they don’t care about anything else but just how to grow their body giant.
that is the worst advice you can get from any rookie or bro scientist. Focus on your lean physique and form.

Heavy lifting = High strength

This myth has affected me the most and my many years in the past, when I first started working out, My surroundings told me to join the gym and lift heavy…

because they thought and still think that heavy lifting = high strength but this statement is so wrong that it can kill your productive workout time in a clap.

It’s a big myth that usually haunts most of the people who join a gym which then makes them get injured in a struggle to lift heavy than their capacity.

It’s a typical bro-science theory for killing real gains. The basic motive which shall be your goal while your home workout for gaining high body strength is muscle failure.

Workout till muscle failure and then rest well, next day repeat the process and see yourself the way you always wanted to.

Some people already have high resistance and some people have a bit low resistance towards muscle failure. As you practice your home workout for gaining high body strength, you will build more resistance, and slowly but surely you’ll have a muscle failure after a lot of sweat.

Now some people have high resistance, so they go for heavier weights or more reps or more sets but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same, go with what your body is asking you.

Understand your body and its resistance then start pushing more, this way there will be no injuries and only progress.

Gym is a necessity

The biggest myth yet, but nobody talks about it. Strength is just a state and it totally depends on a person how he acquires that state, maybe he will go to the gym for that or to a run or stay at home.

“Gym will give you strength” Many people have been a victim of this myth by their own choice because of the manipulation and lack of knowledge.

As a skinny guy, the first step for me in my teens was to join the gym but what losing thinking I had.

It’s all about muscle failure and nothing else, you may have it in your home workout for gaining high body strength or going to the gym.

Never let this set you back, some of us don’t have the privilege of having these resources but still, we are here fighting and being better.

Trust me, the gym is just another way to be well, the goal is the same and you know what maybe they can get big but like I said bigger is not the strongest.

So prove to them that gym is just another myth, I have seen people building up dam good strength and physique in their home.

Follow science and build your dream body by the way of home workout for gaining high body strength.

The gym is good but its presence should not decide your fitness status. Just focus on your home workout for gaining high body strength and nothing else.

Factors affecting your strength

You must have wondered what is the reason for your strength being high or low, I mean what is the source of your strength and what aspects of your lifestyle are affecting your strength.

There are always multiple aspects that define and level your strength, like a 5o kg person who smokes and a 50 kg person who doesn’t will have a significant amount of difference between them in terms of strength whether or not they follow home workout for gaining high body strength.

Home workout for gaining high body strength erases these limitations and improves your lifestyle significantly but still, there are some important factors and aspects which affect your strength and the lifestyle you live.

Note:- these aspects can be improved if you are consistent with your home workout for gaining high body strength.

A Bad Sleeping Schedule

If you are a person who wakes up late and sleeps late then you must be having a lot of problems with your strength, home workout for gaining high body strength can help you get tired but you should have a proper sleeping schedule.

When you are about to sleep, always have a short walk after your dinner, if you don’t and have a habit of directly sleeping after your dinner then you must be out of shape.

Having a perfect sleeping schedule which you have to follow every day will increase your lifestyle significantly and especially your strength when combined with a home workout for gaining high body strength.

Sleeping is really important because that is where your muscles are made and your strength is increased.

For a good night’s sleep, have a schedule, and follow with dedication your home workout for gaining high body strength.

Tobacco Consumption

If this section shocked you then you must be consuming it.

it is the dumbest thing you can do if you want to be great at anything, it can kill and it will slowly eat your strength and body in whole.

Smoking is associated with a variety of pathological conditions such as cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

In addition to the known harmful effects of cigarette smoking, several epidemiological studies identified tobacco use as a risk factor for sarcopenia,

the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength with advancing age makes our body really vulnerable and helpless to other diseases.
If there is any sign of Tobacco in your life then there is no talk of “home workout for gaining high body strength” or “strength”.

Kill this habit if you want to be something in your life- first, be somebody then do whatever you want but first kick life’s ass and then become a smoker or anything.

Home workout for gaining high body strength

Strength gaining depends more on the diet than the workout plan. But then we start wondering, ‘…but I eat a lot of healthy stuff so, why am I not gaining the strength I’m supposed to? ‘

So, before we get into the workout plan section let me tell you some very important instructions to know before applying this workout to your schedule:

You should be doing this only If you have done exercising, like gym or yoga before this training plan as it is an intermediate to advanced level workout and you might not be able to follow this plan if you haven’t experienced intermediate type of workout.

If you haven’t done intermediate to advanced level exercises before, then I would recommend you The 3 month Beginners workout plan to loose weight.

And do not worry, if you’re already thin don’t worry It won’t affect you,instead it will help in building your basics in Body Workouts. You just have to eat more diet than the fat loss plan.

And if you have the Body Workout experience, then you should just need to know a few things:


• You can rearrange & perform these exercises as per your comfort but you can only customize the order of exercises not the exercise or number of exercises.

• If it’s going too hard for you, I would still recommend you to do try the second or last month of the 3-month fat loss workout plan. Don’t worry, I’m telling you, it won’t affect you if you’re skinny, just eat more and more and keep performing the workouts on daily basis.

• Now, if it’s going well for you, then you just have to increase the number of sets after the given order below. If it’s not that easy for you, just increase the sets by half an increase after every 5 weeks. A half set is completed where The Half Set Mark appears. Increase the sets in this order:

1st to 5th week – 1 sets

6th to 10th week – 1.5 sets

11th to 15th week – 2 sets

15th to 20 th week – 2.5 sets

25th to 30th week – 3 sets

Or If going good n easy,

1st to 5th week – 1 sets

6th to 15th week – 2 sets

16th to 30th week – 3 sets

• Also, remember that, 3 sets are the maximum recommendation for this workout plan.



  • There are some small things which you shall always keep in your mind and be careful not to perform them.
    Never lift more than you can or never overdo than your capacity.
  • Never have an ego in your way, home workout for gaining high body strength is all about you being effective yet safe.
    the ego will only slow you down with injuries and maybe lifetime disabilities.
  • Never compare yourself with others, you have only one competition and that is you.
    Others are nobody to you, you want to be fit for yourself and for nobody else, they shouldn’t play any role in your fitness journey.
    Home workout for gaining high body strength is all about you and you only.
  • Stay away from myths and bro-science.
    There are some things that are meant to slow you down and bro-science is one of them, filled with myths and lies.
    home workout for gaining
    high body strength should be followed with the add on of science.

The Workout plan

Jumping Jacks – 45 secs

Push-ups – 12x

Inclined Push-ups – 12x

Offset Push-ups – 14x

Backward lunge – 8x

—– The Half Set Mark —–

Wide arm Push-ups – 8x

Push-ups hold – 10 secs (x2)

Abdominal Crunches – 15x

Squats – 10x

Declined Push-Ups – 8x

Plank – 15 secs

Cobra stretch – 45 secs

note:- you can modify this plan according to your needs, you may also add some weights if you have mastered the form.

Workout Images Source: Google Images

Diet plan

Let me ask you, what is the most important thing in building strength? the answer is Diet.

Early Morning

A fruit of your choice + whey protein 


Soaked almonds + 1 glass skimmed milk 


A bowl of oats/wheat flakes/ quinoa with skimmed milk and some nuts 


Whole wheat toast with peanut butter + milk 


Buttermilk made from low-fat yogurt 


1 big bowl of watermelon/pineapple/grapefruit + 2 cheese slices 


2 wheat/jowar/bajra chapattis or brown rice + veggies + bowl of dal + cottage cheese 

Evening Snack

Sprouts or boiled legumes (chickpea/ black chana) with onion, tomato, cucumber, and lime juice + whey with water + eggs/cottage cheese/low-fat cheese slice. 


Paneer and spinach roll/ 2 slices of brown bread + fresh juice (celery, carrot, beetroot, green apple, mint leaves, orange, and lemon juice)


2 wheat/jowar/bajra chapattis or brown rice + veggies + bowl of dal + cottage cheese 

Diet Plan Source:

 “Food is really and truly the most effective medicine.” ― Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Plant Based Doctor