Be The Best version of yourself.

We all have our quest on how to be a better person, we want to be grow and want to be better every day that is why we question ourselves and this universe that how to be a better person?

Well on how to be a better person there must be some way around right? we just have to have the realization and affirming knowledge to have our answer to how to be a better person.

Imagine you are still that 5-year-old kid, who dosent care about diplomacy and the contemporary art of hiding your emotions, isn’t that something relaxing and at the same time very unpractical?

Well, when we are searching for our quest which is filled with amazing answers…on how to be a better person, we have to find the perfect harmonic balance between practicality and boldness.

That may be the answer to your question “how to be a better person”

Maybe you are here because you want to put value to other’s life or maybe you are here because you just want to be better for your own sake and complete this quest of yours “how to become a better person”.

Well whatever may be the reason for you being here, as a human you have to grow, dosent matter how small the step is or how big, you just have to act.

How to become a better person? this quest first starts from inside then it finds its way to influence others.

In Stephen r covey’s words “inner victory is the first step for external victory”

Hoping this puts value in your life, we present you with 5 simple ways to complete your quest on How to be a better person?

1. First, seek to understand then to be understood

We all want to be a speaker and to be heard, more than what we can listen to, we like to speak,

and not only that we want people to go out of their skin and understand us.

How to be a better person? involves us to be good humans first and then consider ourselves as individuals.

We have to consider ourselves first as a mass, your answer to how to be a better person maybe this…

That you just have to realize that, we combined are a part of something greater, something god.

How to be a better person? let’s not ask this to ourselves, let’s ask this to others who surround us.

They will tell you, just to listen.

One of the most complicated and disturbing traits of our human nature is that we don’t consider ourselves and teams and a group of species and specialized beings.

If we did, we will love to understand each other and listen to each other with respect and love.

We always want people to understand us dosent matter what the situation is, we want to know how to be a better person but still we dismiss the most crucial part of our daily life.

What is the last time you ever wanted to understand somebody? maybe it was your last date because you wanted to impress her/him.

Maybe it was your father/mother/guardian because you wanted something.

We always seek to understand somebody for our grief, or we just never try to understand.

It might as well come under the not-to-do list as to how to be a better person.

This answer/ way to how to be a better person may make your eyes open and your heart to realize this truth.

We should first understand the other party and then expect them to understand ourselves. It makes you look dignified and your influence on the other person greater,

You may think that how first seeking to understand the other person than to be understood is the answer to be a better person.

Well, the reality is that you are not searching for the answers to how to be a better person, you are just finding ways to be more human.

Understanding one and the other can be a great step towards how to be a better person.

But a new question arises, how can you be understanding and a good human resource for others?

Well, the first thing you can expect is that you have to try yourself the things you think are missing from your character.

But to get started with your quest on how to be a better person?

Step 1. Be a good listener.

The very first and most basic step to become understanding and get started on how to be a better person? is to listen not to speak but just listen.

One of the most crucial parts of the 7 habits of highly effective people is that the nook dosent cover specifically character ethics but it covers human ethics and habits.

In the book, Stephen r covey says ‘we never listen for the sake of empathy or just for the motive of understanding another person but rather we listen so that we can speak.

He further adds ” we never listen to understand but when the other person is speaking, we are gathering our points to speak”.

This thing with us humans is very common that we are debate centric and we have developed this habit of trying to prove ourselves right even when we are not.

We always focus on to be a speaker and the guy who people listen to with interest and respect.

But why would anybody listen to somebody who dosent listen to him/her?

“To be a good speaker, you first have to be a phenomenal listener.

Now you get it to be a good listener but what if you were never were a good listener or you never wanted to be one before this time.

Well if that is the case then you just have to keep in mind one thing, and more than that it is a very amazing tip that will make it easy.

That one thing/tip is that “you know nothing” and when you are listening to somebody, listen to that person for your knowledge because “you know nothing”

How to be a better person you ask, you should ask how to be a better listener?

This journey of becoming the better version of yourself and asking how to be a better person is all it takes to be what you desire.

Step2. Put yourself in another person’s boots.

Well we human’s have a lot of traits and qualities by which we are human and those qualities make us question how to be a better person and how can we improve ourselves?

One of those amazing qualities is imagination, because of imagination we ask ourselves how to be a better person? because we can already see what we want and what we want to be.

How often do you think your mind miracle happens? well, the truth is it’s happening right now.

Why did you click on your browser or this blog and acting on how to be a better person, because you have already imagined your result of what you want to be.

Your subconscious mind has your command to act on the easiest and practical action which was clicking on the blog on “how to be a better person.

In think and grow by Napoleon hill and the 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen r covey…

Both the authors have explained how when something is in our subconscious mind, we tend to do act on the most practical and easy plans to get to that goal.

Some may call it the law of attraction and some may call it science or some may call it just a simple way and an answer to how to be a better person.

This happens all on its own, you don’t have to do anything.

You just have to be determined like you are to find whats is beneath “how to be a better person?”

One easy way to understand others better is to put yourself in their boots so you can imagine what they feel.

This technique has been very helpful to me and many others who want to know how to be a better person

Imagination can help you see the unseen and it can help you be the character you desire to be.

By knowing other person’s boots you can see what it takes to understand that particular person.

Your answer to how to be a better person lies in your imagination.

Step3. Be genuine.

Everything in the universe has shortcuts and we tend to be very fascinated by them because they are easy and small.

The same shortcut is here towards how to be a better person by the means of diplomacy.

2. Filter your company

How to be a better person

Get that circle smaller. Yes, you need to remove those extra people from your friend-circle. You know, the bigger the circle, the more chances of untrue nature of the group. That means that if the circle is bigger than it has more chances of an untrue partnership between those partners.

So, Let me clear this first,
Unknown < Casual Friends/Cousins< Brotherhood/Company.

This is how the whole thing works. You know you gotta keep your company small in no. But big in faith, love and trust.

You know a bigger circle would be better for being just casual friends. You know like, You just know each other or you went to high school together or anything which is the reason why you know that friend of yours.

It’s not just me telling you this, a lot of people would advise you to filter your company, because just like me there are a lot of other people in this planet who have experienced the real brotherhood or we call it “The Brother-Circle.” To be very honest I belong to a super trio so yeah, I have a Brother-tri.

You know what I mean? See, You can literally call it anything you want. But what really matters is those friends that you chose to be your brothers. Those should be raw & real to you.

If you do not get your circle smaller in a proper way, chances are you might end up with the wrong ones. You need to do this in order & not bulk.

You know you gotta know if they care for you too. You gotta see if they are faithful to you, and circumstances will show you that.

So, filtering your company will not be a not so easy thing to do but I promise it will be a really wise decision which will decide your true partners with whom to stay with for the rest of your life. Those will be your real brothers.

Now, if you ask me, “but how am I going to that?” Look, if they are just casual friends dont worry, thery are friends by the name unless & until there’s a desperation between any of them.

Look, the real brothers, aren’t real brothers from the start. First, you meet them somewhere else and then become casual friends, then time by time, you switch your modes and lastly the ones who stay there for you ever since the beginning are the true ones.

And I’m not saying time decides that. I’m just saying that it is a characteristic of a true, faithful brother. But what decides your brotherhood is the faith in each other, the love, the gratitude and greatness behind your brotherhood.

If you want to know, how to walk away from a toxic company, you should head to this Article.

3. Learn new things

Learn things everyday or every-week or atleast every-month. Learning new things ables us to do things in a different and efficient manner.

We don’t just know a little about everything because after we start learning new and different things, we happen to know a lot about everything.

Yes, In overall you will become a multi-skilled person. You know, it won’t just help you but many others who are around you especially your Company.

Because if you know stuff, then you would share the information according to the circumstances and with you they’ll become knowledgeable too.

We have to become more skillful in order to become our best self. You know, you can learn anything, like languages, musical instruments, photography, video-graphy, or literally anything.

And if you ask me how’re you gonna do that? So, look we’re not in 1930s where you have to go to the teacher’s home to learn music and another teacher’s to learn how to cook pizza. Right? We’re in 2020’s & now we have YouTube.

Like, we can watch, learn anything from it. It is lot more helpful than we can imagine. I personally learned how to play a guitar from YouTube. Shawn Mendes also learned how to play a guitar from YouTube.

And except YouTube, it just needs your consistency, time and determination. You gotta have that dedication to do that so. Well you’re gonna need these elements such as consistency, time, and determination, in this whole process of becoming a better person.

So, learning new things after a specific time-period is really beneficial. Helps you to discover new and different experiences which ultimately make you a whole new you. The more productive, the more knowledgeable, the more experienced and most importantly, the more of you.

And remember, Experience beats Knowledge. Always.

4. Keeping a track of your life.

How to be a better person

Keeping up a trach of what and how you are doing, things and activities, are you even satisfied with what and how you’re doing, keeping up with life?

Well, all of what I said, I meant to say that recording your life and then understanding yourself in it will help you, get to know the circumstances and yourself more.

And you can record your life through various ways. Like, filling up a journal, or recording a video journal or maybe a voice Journal.

It’ll determine your ups and downs in life. Will make you understand how you react to the circumstances and according to that you will now know better of your probabilities, odds and evens in every different situations.

After you’ve been doing it for 1-2 years you will look back and see how you’ve changed during that time period. This will make you understand your stats on how you’re reacting to the actions you’re taking.

Like, for instance, you took a decision of becoming a vegan, then after a specific time-period, you’ll look back into the journal and know if that was a wise decision or not. Like in most cases becoming a vegan is a right choice.

So you see, how it helps you to know more about yourself or your actions. Just apply these things and you’ll see the change yourself.

5. Putting Value to others life

How to be a better person

Helping others is not a bad thing and never was but still some people think that one should help himself instead of helping others, trust me, these kind of people do exist in our societies.

According to their knowledge, If people start helping themselves they’ll be able to push more on themselves and will also be able to invest more time to themselves.

But instead of being so much selfish, and helping yourself only will not take you that far. We all know how important, it is for us, to take blessings from people, the people we know, the people we help.

I’ve been this far because of my deeds, the things I worked on, how hard I worked on it, how much people actually wanted me to be there. Trust me blessings work in reality. It’s Spiritual but it’s real.

You will feel good if you help someone in his rough time if you help him because you want to, not because you want him to help you back or give you blessings.

In simple words, if we start thinking of ourselves only, then we also need to know that there was or will be a time when we won’t be able to help ourselves, no one will help us just like we helped no one. There will be no blessings to help you out.

Trust me, helping ourselves is not a bad thing but helping someone who’s going through a rough phase is also not a bad thing.

You know, if people really want you there from their heart, you will be there. Trust me, winning hearts is not an easy thing but also know that, it’s a great and joyful act.

You know, the love you get from your family, friends, the people you help, will be something which is going to push you and your limits to become something greater wherever you want to be.

Remember, a blessing can be really helpful, more than we can imagine, but on the contrary, a curse from can cause us to torment, suffer more than we can imagine.

So, now you know it, how to be a better person, how to be a better self.

Just Imply these in your life and see the change.