How to be a Highly Productive Person.

If somebody asked me “how is life?” 2 years ago, I would have answered “lame”.

We are humans and we have a right to be a highly productive person who can live life to it’s fullest.

One of the most common and big parts of us being human is that we get distracted and struggle to find our way back in.

But when we talk about productive people, this criteria is different.

When we normal people are distracted, our life becomes lame and slow time by time.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s the end but it’s not easy as well.

If we simplify life, life is all about being happy right?

And regarding our happiness, we do things that can make us happy but still, we at some point feel sad.

The only solution to live a satisfactory life is to be a highly productive person who knows his ways and principles.

I believe like other self-help coaches that when we take our life’s control into our own hands.

And start believing that everything which happens in our life is only happening,

Because of us, the time we start thinking this way- we see the reality of the situation and how we should react to it.

The Biggest problem with ineffective people is that they want to be a highly productive person,

But still, they think that situations don’t let them be a highly productive person.

This mentality comes from when a person thinks a particular situation is his/her destination and can shape his day, month, year, or life.

But the basic productive thinking to be a highly productive person

is to think from another angle.

We usually think of situations to be the reason for our lives and the way we perceive it

But the reality is that the way you react to situations is how your life is

Because let’s think practically, sometimes situations are tricky and we don’t have control over them but we can on our emotions.

That is just one way to be a highly productive person and there are an enormous amount of tips and tricks to be a highly productive person…

Regarding Productivity, we present you with “How to be a highly productive person” and how you can kick life’s ass and be happy.

Focus on being productive instead of busy.

Tim Ferriss

To be a highly productive person


Though in our lives where we perceive things as they are,

Productivity means the same for everybody but if we shift our paradigm to a more relevant angle,

We can see and observe that the definition of productivity relies on a person’s perspective of life

Just like the definition of success depends on person to person but to be very precise with the definition

Productivity can have different definitions but its core stays similar.

Productivity is a way to your destination so that you reach it successfully.

Now, your success can be like “being a pro guitar player” and your productivity can be “playing guitar at least 1 hour every day”

That is productivity, a perfect way to succeed at what you desire or wonder.

Now moving further let’s discuss other factors on which productivity can be game-changing.

Not only that, even if you put your productivity into one thing only, your life will be much easier and happier.

To be a highly productive person

Why you should be productive

Though there is no other way to be successful rather than to be a highly productive person

Even if you find a way to be successful, you will be craving real happiness.

The harmony would be missing if you push yourself for success without productivity.

Productivity helps you to hunt for your target while being very efficient on it and living your life to its fullest terms.

The sole reason to be productive is that it is discipline’s very crucial part, a productive man lives with time.

He knows where he should put his time and where don’t.

That is not it, to be a highly productive person one has to accept time as the most precious thing in the universe because it never comes back.

Moneymakers, athletes, actors, industrialists, etc they respect the time that is why they are who they are today.

Now, what is time? time is discipline and discipline is productivity.

So what we can see that:


That is how important productivity is. So is important to be a highly productive person.

be a highly productive person and be on the top of the world

Productivity is not only about being a workaholic or a full-time artist.

It’s how you will be happy and satisfied at the end of the day when you realize you did everything today which you wanted to. No regret.

To be a highly productive person

No regret

The biggest reason which I can come up with for you to be a highly productive person.

When you be a highly productive person or hop on to the train of success to be a highly productive person,

You slowly feel that you are having no regret about the days you are living.

Because when you are productive you do everything you imagine you can or at least you try and when we do whatever we think, we feel good.

Being productive is all about being happy and going. Productivity brings you prosperity and then no regret.

You become a true man, A man who kicks life in the ass.

Can you imagine a life where you wake up and you don’t have a single, the smallest regret to think of?

Well, it’s impossible for most people because this world doesn’t run like that?

We all have regrets whether to be small or heartbreaking but a productive lifestyle can make you live regret-less life

And I give you my words on that.

When a person is productive he chooses to live a proactive life rather than procrastinating life,

He does what he thinks, he becomes unstoppable and active.

He then doesn’t have to think hard to choose between comfort and successful work,

He chooses to work and to get things done which then leads to his regret less life.


Well people don’t want to be a highly productive person

Because they think that a productive lifestyle has the drawback of being busy and not having even a little fun

but you will be surprised when you hear that the truth is that by being productive,

You will live your life on its happiest and extremely adventurous side

Because productivity doesn’t mean busy, it means time- now it depends on you whether you want to work 6 hours and have fun 6 hours

or you want to work for 4 hours and then have fun for 8 hours.

We all want to be good at our timetable but because of today’s modern and hypocritical lifestyle,

We struggle to do so but a productive lifestyle helps you do that thoroughly.

If we squeeze every speech by happy people, what they want to convey is that “people have to be proactive”

And if we expand this a bit- they mean “be a highly productive person”

Only that is the real solution without any bullshit and delay.

Imagine a child playing with his friends in the park and suddenly his mind strikes about tomorrow’s class test which he hasn’t prepared.

Can you imagine the level of anxiety and pressure on him?

Yes, you can because we all have been there, the anxiety and pressure.

Now imagine the same kid playing but this time he has nothing to worry about because he already has prepared for the test,

Can you imagine the level of satisfaction he will be having while playing?

He has nothing to worry about, he just has to play.

For better understanding, Imagine an athlete about to goal and suddenly his mind strikes that,

Tomorrow is his girlfriend’s or wife’s birthday and he hasn’t done anything for tomorrow

Because of that single moment, his home team can lose the match.

Now, imagine the same person has prepared everything for his wife’s birthday and is excited about tomorrow. What will happen?

Goal!. That is the power of a productive lifestyle and that is why every true man chooses to be a highly productive person.

It erases every worry and gets the work done resulting in a great level of satisfaction.

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.

Franz Kafka

When you start to be a highly productive person

Till now you believed that to be a highly productive person, it is all about personal victory and it only affects your inner self,

But I love to break this suspense that to be a highly productive person it’s all about being a man of action.

and it brings a significant difference in your public life by uplifting your traits and attitude towards everything,

That is the power of a productive lifestyle.

In 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R covey,

The author talks about how a person’s powerful character can change other’ paradigms towards the person.

He further talks about how can this power come to a character and one of the ways is to be proactive

And proactivity comes from productivity thus to be a proactive person you have

To be a highly productive person. So what we can learn from the author is that being productive is a very big part of a powerful character.

In regards to significance, be a highly productive person and people will easily notice your powered character in a room “A true Alpha”

Character Ethic

Imagine Batman saying “I’ll save the city tomorrow, today I don’t feel like it” feels like a bad dream doesn’t it?

But seriously imagine any powered character from movies or anywhere

They are not procrastinators, they are men of action, they don’t delay, they think they do,

They do because they are powered? no, they do things and because of that, they are powered.

Now you can imagine where you stand in powerful characters, you can be the guy who people can say by seeing ” he is something”.

When they know that you are someone who does what he says or thinks. “A man of action”.

If James bond said “I think I should rest first then I will complete my mission” the movie, the character, the story would be floating upon the title of a dumb movie.

We all love James because he is a man of action, he is proactive and we all know to be proactive you have to be a highly productive person.

Just like these imagine your favorite character who is or was powered,

Would you like to be that character? hell yeah.

One thing which is very clear by watching these characters is that,

They are considered powerful because of there action taking quality, which only comes from proactiveness.

To have a powered character just like these characters, you have to be a highly productive person who can get the job done.

Improvement in your character and growing it is a very important part of an alpha lifestyle.

I love how productivity can get your job done and also at the same time make you,

A very impactful person who weights his personality.

Yeah, my friend, That’s how to be a highly productive person

Respect Granted

Feels dramatic but you just following your own words and thinking, you can get the desired honor and respect-

Obviously to command respect you should be a person of valuable interest to others.

But when you be a highly productive person who can be counted as a running man, people will respect you immediately

Like we talked about the character ethic and how it makes your personality very impactful.

Just when your character is powered with the title of responsible and action-centric- people will respect you with no doubt.

I am not saying your life would be like that anybody can come under your influence but truly you will be on another level with your dignity in your own hands.

You can not act like a God if you are a productivity machine but you can surely be a man of your choice.

Pretty much you don’t have to do anything because when you start to be a highly productive person,

you become a hard guy- a dude who believes in acting his thoughts and following his words.

When you become that, respect comes to you just like a little puppy fascinated towards a Cooke, and cant resists it.

To be very clear about respect, first, you have to understand what respect is.

If you expect people to call you sir every second then you will get nothing but dust in your hands.

Respect is when people are nice to you and they honor your thoughts.
Now how to make that happen?

simply by being nice to them and having a highly developed proactive thinking which produces awesome thoughts that can be honored by people.

The Happy people Mantra

How to be a highly productive person? Just Look around you and observe, walk into a market or someplace public. What do you see?

People with their faces like they don’t even know themselves properly.

Are they happy? If your answer is ‘seems like, maybe, think so, ya, yes” then my friend you are one of them.

People are living on delays and procrastinating events, they neither have the pace nor the courage to be happy.

They don’t even know about their feelings, how are they feeling or what is up with their life on the other hand take up a few happy people who are living a successful life.

Look at their faces! what do you see? Confidence, integrity, and most of all the reflection of a proactive personality of theirs.

No sign of confusion or anything because there isn’t any, that is the power of proactivity.

Now, what can you learn? isn’t it the fact that a happy man loves to be a highly productive person and it is the same way back?

Productivity makes you do everything you ever wanted to whether it was “following your dream routine” or “going for a trip you always wondered for.

You see all those people happy because they are productive people who manage their time efficiently.

“be a highly productive person” that is the biggest mantra to be happy and satisfied with yourself and your life.

The biggest realization of who you are will start coming the day you start to be a highly productive person.

The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reacH.

Benjamin E. Mays

How to be a highly productive person

Now you know everything about productivity and how it can bring significant changes in your life.

But it’s not what you know works in life, it is what you apply in it

So, let’s now talk about how to be a highly productive person. the man who you desire to be and how can you bring productivity in your life.

Once upon a time, there was a man who was suffering from insomnia and depression,

He went to a doctor and asked for some treatment or any way out. The doctor asked “why are you depressed”

The man asked him back “why are you asking me that, I am here to know that from you”,

The Doctor said “I’m not the one who is depressed, so you must know the reason”

The man got in a deep thinking situation and after 15 min of thinking he answered “maybe because I am lazy”,

the doctor asked ‘why are you lazy?’ the man without thinking for a second answered “because I liked that and I am now habitual to that”

No, he realized that the reason behind his depression is He himself.

The man went home and made a schedule for the next day and fell into sleep with the help of the doctor’s medicine.

The next day when he woke up, he didn’t want to do anything but then he realized that is the only way out,

he followed that time table thoroughly and when the night came he didn’t even felt the need for medicine for a good night sleep

because he was already sleepy and he felt good about it, the next his life was starting to improve,

a few weeks later he was working as a clerk in a big office and going out with a beautiful girl.

Life was all set and back to track.

No, this story seems kind of impossible at first because How can somebody become so good with just a schedule

But the thing we missed in the story is…

the tasks and habits which were in that schedule, that schedule was full of good habits

And improving tasks like reading a book, exercising, and many more productive tasks.

Productivity comes from the harmony of hard and smart work with a hint of fun and passion.

What can make you productive, lets see.

Next one on How to be a highly productive person:

Eliminating bad habits and tasks

Now,  we’ve learned how much good habits are important in our hunt for how to be a productive person.

but before getting yourself “new clothes, you must get rid of the old and ugly ones”.

Good habits come in the second step, first comes eliminating the bad ones and getting rid of them.

Look at yourself! aren’t you made up of your manners and habits all along?

Our character is made up of our experiences and habits we have,

So that means If your experiences are bad,

you have to move on from them and if your habits are not good then get rid of them,

Yup, you let them go, that’s an important part to remember to be a highly productive person.

In a very amazing book by Darius ForouxDo it now“, he talks about how eliminating bad

Or useless tasks in our life can significantly make our lives productive and is a good start to be a highly productive person

He says “our day is consists of habits and tasks, by them our life is shaped and depends on”

So, what if those tasks and habits are toxic and bad?

We are filled with our habits like a water pot is filled with water, Now if that water is filled with dirty water

And we have to fill it with clean, first, we have to un fill the dirty one.

Otherwise, we won’t be able to fill it up fully or clean enough, that is why we first have to get rid of the bad habits to completely be a highly productive person.

This tool or shall I say the technique has been followed by many people just for the sake to be a highly productive person.

Make a full list of what do you do in your day, “your tasks, your habits”.

Now, this list is you, it’s not your day, not your tasks, not your habits, not your life, It’s you.

You can change yourself by just adding or eliminating the tasks which are making you not productive and making your life lame and useless.

Go through your habits and just delete and eliminate the ones you think don’t bring any value to your life like watching too much tv or using social media all the time.

Don’t go too hard on yourself by erasing breaks and entertainment, it should be just moderate.

No, when you have eliminated all those habits, now try to live according to that list which is now filtered,

It is not going to be easy at first but trust me ones you get used to it, You are going to be at your best level.

In short, make a filtered list and then follow it thoroughly.

Action is the foundational key to all success.


Next one on How to be a highly productive person:

Gain good Habits

Like we just talked. How our character is made by our habits and tasks which we perform on daily basis.

A child depending on his paradigms from childhood becomes a specific personality,

His paradigms make him observe different habits and traits which come to close to make his character.

Character is everything and Habits are responsible for a person’s specific character.

Now as we are all in our mature state right now so you must be thinking that we can’t change or develop our character and its traits.

But this paradigm is wrong is stopping you from being your desired person, To be a highly productive person,

you have to shape up your daily routine and your present habits.

Good Habits are the true means of productivity and the only focus of somebody who wants to be a highly productive person.

In a superficial book by Robert GreeneThe Art of Seduction” he says “Habits and traits are what defines your seduction and its type”.

He further explains how traits make a man desirable or undesirable. Traits and habits are supporting each other,

because of the habits, traits fall in place and because of traits habits grow.

They both go hand in hand and in some cases, you can also define them as the same,

So in general, habits are what a man defined by and nobody can change that.

It’s just like that water pot we talked about, doesn’t matter how much a pot is decorated if the water in it is dirty, nobody is going to drink from it

but at the same time, if it is simple and filled with clean water, everybody is going to drink from it.

Good habits are your character and your character is your life and life is all about being a highly productive person.

Next one on How to be a highly productive person:

Thinking about the end

I can’t get over Stephen R Covey’s The 7 habits. I mean everything in that book is designed to impress and help.

In the book, he explains and teaches about the most superficial habits for

The person who wants to be a highly productive person and wants to be among the most effective people.

One of the 7 habits is the habit of thinking from the end or about the end.

Whatever your Idea is just think about where do you think that thing would take you to in the end or where you want to be in the end.

In the book he makes his readers go through a very serious experience of imagination,

It is kinda depressing but eye-opening, similarly, let’s do the same but with a different paradigm.

Imagine you are sitting and suddenly God comes in front of you

And he says “today is your last day on this planet” and he disappears, What are you going to do?

If you imagined this truly to your bones, you would realize that you would regret your all the past

and you wasted time here and there, didn’t spend time with your family

Didn’t do what you could have done, in short how you wasted all of the life

and then you would spend your last day with your family and people who matter, charity, good causes, etc.

But will that day bring change to your past days? No.

Through this story, we learn two different things.

One that you can never change past and second that you have to be serious where you spend your seconds.

Now sit back and imagine with me! Imagine what do you crave the most and what do you want from your life,

don’t compress those thoughts- let them come freely.

Those thoughts are the end you desire, Thinking about the end first can make you chose your path consciously and carefully,

It is one of the best techniques to be a highly productive person.

Next one on How to be a highly productive person:


Learning is a beautiful process and it is the core of real success, Learning makes us more efficient and smart which you have to be.

It plays a very important role in productivity as well,

Being efficient is one of the most important aspects of productivity and learning is the best way to be more efficient.

It all about taking and consuming something good and wise, the source can be anything- it can be a book, it can be a movie, an article, etc

You should just get something inside your brain every day and improve yourself.

A person with knowledge is far more dangerous than a person with a weapon because knowledge is the greatest weapon.

You may have heard many wisdom stories about knowledge and learning, well they all are true at least convey the truth.

Learning more and more is one of the most important traits of ineffective and efficient people, it has been true since history became a subject.

You can not fight with a person who holds knowledge.

I remember, I was in a gathering with many government executives and I gave a little speech there

Which somewhere was lacking in the necessary fact check which was because of my poor knowledge about that specific topic.

After the speech, one of the executives came on the stage and he declined my facts and considered them wrong because they were,

I did make an impression on the audience and other people but still he proved me wrong in my facts by his proper knowledge.

The audience and other executives were appreciating me but I was stuck with that feeling of being over smart at the same time wrong,

At that particular moment, I said to myself that will never speak about something which I don’t know.

That is just one story, you will hear thousands from experienced people on how learning is important
Learn every day,

so that you have the necessary knowledge to perform well in your life and be unstoppable.

I am a book worm and I believe books are the best ways to learn anything, Personally,

a few books which I would prefer you are The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy and Do it now by Darius Foroux.

The 7 habits is a great book too but it kinda needs a consistent reader for it for the best results.

But it too is good for starters and the knowledge seekers.

Next one on How to be a highly productive person:

What Not to Do( Procrastination)

Everything you learned about productivity, put it on one side, and then put this on one.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of every success to happen,

I’ve seen people fall from heights of success into the dense jungles of failure because of procrastination.

Procrastination is opposite to Productive, It is possible that you too are a procrastinator if you are reading this.

When you are not being productive, you procrastinating. Procrastination always makes your task big and bulky.

It never solves anything but instead of that, it makes it worse.

When you delay your tasks, you deep inside your conscious know that it will be coming back later to you but you still try to live in this illusion that that task is gone.

The biggest way to kill procrastination is to be a highly productive person

because when you start to be a highly productive person, you stop being a procrastinator.

Procrastination makes you live in a matrix where you make your own life more and more of a mess and keeps you in an illusion of comfort.

It’s just when you were in high school and the whole year you didn’t even touch the books,

and when the exams came you pushed yourself to the maximum limit.

but the only catch is that it was high school and it is your life, it’s not cool.

Though some people love this feeling of being under pressure to produce something before the deadline that too is bad and slowly but surely people like that suffer.

Procrastination is for losers which I know you are not, So buckle up and be a man of action.

Start to be a highly productive person and stop being a big procrastinator.

If there are nine rabbits on the ground, if you want to catch one, just focus on one.

Jack Ma

What happens after a highly productive day

I am giving you the challenge of being the most productive person in your life just for one day, see what happens.

I promise you will be addicted to that feeling, the feeling of being unstoppable and a man of action.

Imagine the most favorite alpha character or actual person in your life, Do you want to be him?

The masculine nature of a man is very complicated and that complication consists of one most common trait.

That trait is being productive, An alpha will not delay his task at any cost.

Now I want you to be a highly productive person for just one day, do your important tasks and manage your time very efficiently.

The day you be productive, is the day you see your greatness.

When you come to your room after a hard-working/fun/productive day, you can have the satisfaction you ever wondered for that day.

You don’t have to worry about anything because you completed all your tasks efficiently

And if not then too there is no problem because you did your best today, now you can do whatever you want.

Either play slow music with an amazing book or play some video games

And then have a good night sleep with beautiful dreams about your amusing future which you know, you will make true

Because your greatness has begun.


1.Never Procrastinate because it kills your success and makes your life lame.

2.Learn new things, everybody, because it makes you more efficient in your life.

3.Be a man of action and manage your time efficiently and carefully.

4.Eliminate bad and useless habits and tasks from your daily routine and life.

5.Gain good habits because they are the essence of your character.

To the people who are willing to crush their life, who wants to be filled with action, who have the courage of accepting themselves and then improving,

The ones who will fight to be their best versions, who want to be a highly productive and efficient person,

To us, I say this is just the beginning.