How to have an attractive Personality? its easy.

Well, who is a Voguish male? Google it and you’ll find out that the person who is popular, smart is known as a Voguish. But here, Voguish is the man who is kind to everyone, who is charming enough to gain attention, who carefully observes the situation and reacts to it with full maturity and gentleness. But whenever someone talks about being a Voguish, Alpha they just think that they’ll go to a salon and they’ll have themselves groomed up and hence become an alpha male which is absolutely wrong and misunderstood.

There is a difference between a groomed man and a Voguish Man.

There are several important aspects which we have to follow in order to become a voguish male and following are the important aspects of becoming a Voguish male.

But today we are going to talk about your body language, Your Body language plays an essential role in communication, speeches and most importantly in making you attractive. It is a way through which you can express your Confidence. Confidence is the key to have a great body language. The way you walk, talk, stand, sit, it all reflects your confidence, grooming and exercising will help you gain more confidence. You should always have your back straight while you are sitting, standing, or walking. In the initial phase, it is difficult to have our back straight always but believe me, once we make it a habit then it won’t be difficult anymore. Once you’ve mastered keeping your back straight then it’s time to purify your posture, just keep your chest slightly up, shoulders slightly back, and chin slightly up, and this will again reflect your confidence and most importantly have a smile on your face. Also do not fluctuate your expressions, try to keep them still.

When you’ve reached this far, now it’s time to work on your voice, of course, we can’t change it but we do know that we can enhance it through vocal practices and eating naturally. Eating naturally means eating more and more fruits and vegetables, reducing the consumption of junk and drinking more water. Remember, your voice has a huge role in emphasizing your body language skills. You also have to make sure that your voice is not sounding like you’re faking it, it should be soothing to the next person.

There should be a vibe of gratitude as well as proud throughout your body. And remember, it’s not hard to be proud of your self. You are who you are and no one can change it.

Voguish Team,

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