How to have success under your belt

Success is something you attract and not something you buy and that is the essence of success itself and just by understanding that you can have it in anything. The definition of success is really complex but at the same time very clear. Success is never-ending because it’s everywhere, its when you drive “was your journey successful?”, its when you meet with people, its when you start reading a book and there are infinite examples to consider, in the end, it depends on your goal but one thing should be clear to you that it is not going to be easy, it never is, it’s going to be hard and there are going to be sacrifices in the process. Maybe you will have to stay up all night for months, years, or any time period depending on your goal.

The biggest thing to have success is dedication towards your goal and sticking to it with consistency.

Analyzing Your success Goal

The First step to get started with your success plan is to analyze your goal and just take up few notes while you do that because before riding on the ship a sailor must check the engines of the ship in terms to have success in his journey. Take notes, ideas, cautions, etc. Just sit back and see how much time will it take to be a master at your goal.

In short, just analyze your goal, get info about it, and look through it. I have seen many people who changed their goals in this first step because they realized that their goal isn’t what they actually want. By analyzing you learn a lot about what you are thinking to do in the near future. One more biggest advantage of analyzing is that it saves you a lot of time so that you don’t regret you’re decisions in the future.

Get the habit of analysis- analysis will in time enable synthesis o become your habit of mind

-Frank Lloyd Wright


The best way to analyze your success goal journal entry, you can start by just writing about what are your feelings to start your goal and when do you think you are going to do that, etc. Journal entry is a great way to be more productive and time-conscious. Your mind is no doubt a treasury but if you let it free then you can focus on more important things for your success goal.

This habit has been found amongst really intellectual people around the world. One more way to start journaling is to not write on daily basis but just writing up your ideas occasionally in it, this way it will be easy for you to remember what you were thinking because trust me the most bothersome moment is when you had an amazing idea but you can’t remember what was it.

Journaling is an ancient Habit to follow, In ancient times there was obviously a shortage of consolers to hire so people found a better way to be free with their thoughts and mind, apart from being free with your mind Journaling has many more advantages like it can make you think thoroughly your Ideas without so much of hassle.

What I love about journaling and writing is the nostalgia of the old days for me, reading old entries is illuminating, and trust me Journal is a lot better than photos and videos because words are the best way to express anything.

Taking Ideas & Inspiration

Taking up Inspiration is the most important thing people forget and maybe you too but it can do you the most profit in terms of success. Grasping ideas from others can be a bit tricky or should I say weird at first sight but trust me it’s not that difficult but versatile in nature. It’s an art which can bring you Success.

Inspiration does’nt change you- it just makes you who you really are So

Keep getting inspired.

Start by sharing them

Just understand what is the meaning of taking ideas isn’t that similar to what people think and that is the trick, people want attention they want to be heard and they want to be considered special and the biggest way to do that is by sharing your ideas and thinking and most of the times you’ll find that people are automatically telling you there perspectives on your idea.

People when start talking, listen to them and listen to them carefully what they are saying, and maybe if you are lucky or smart enough they will share some of there experience as well with you.

People as Resources to have success 

Have you ever realized that there is one amazing quality in successful people that they treat everything as an opportunity and as a resource “isn’t that smart”? When we were kids teacher taught us about the human resources to be the most important asset and later on, we got big people like Bill Gates(Microsoft), Jack ma(Alibaba), Jeff Bezos(Amazon), and many more talking the same thing in there speeches and seminars.

To use people as your resource doesn’t make you a jack ass but it does make you have success so don’t worry about that. If you want people to listen to you then you must first listen to them, it’s not only about listening to them but in terms to get people into your persona you have to be a good influencer to them and you can start by giving them genuine importance.Photo Of Woman Wearing Eyeglasses

Success Inspiration

We all have some people who we look after as inspirations and role models sometimes they can be normal people like your school mates or sometimes they can be Celebes, entrepreneurs, politicians, etc. but the thing is that you don’t even realize that you are not taking inspiration from them but instead of that you are just admiring their lifestyle and want to copy it which is the biggest barrier between you and a real inspiration.

We admire people and we should but the thing which should inspire us is that person’s work and not his lifestyle or that person itself. For example, your favorite artists drop a piece of new music and you listen to it, after listening to that track ask yourself that is this track really good or you like it because the person who made it you like him. Acting like that( as a critic) will not only make you more professional but it will also make your mind more focused on the person’s work rather than that person himself.

Taking inspiration from an individual’s work will guarantee your success.

Right Inspiration

The world is too short to be wrong and that we do all the time. Sit back and think about your regrets in life, a regret to watch a bad movie, regret for not reading a book, regret for not reading articles. We all have regrets but the biggest regret in our life can be a bad inspiration, that inspiration can be anybody may be your friend to smoke or bad inspiration to anything.

There are a lot of bad inspirations around you but the best way to treat them is to ignore them(always). First, it may be tricky to find the right inspiration but as soon as you start doing it you will find out that its an art to master. You will get good at it slowly but surely. Everybody has good and bad in them it depends on the eyes to see good or bad.Anonymous person with binoculars looking through stacked books

Look around you, see people, how they walk, how they act, etc. Find traits in them that you can grasp, take inspiration from everybody, and anybody but stay smart while you do it you don’t wanna have some bad traits in yourself.
The only thing you should remember is that “its the eyes who can see an artist in a cobbler“.

Planning for your goal

Though planning can be considered a part of journaling but it is the most important part of having success and also in analyzing your goal. We always think that everything should Start with a Bang but when the reality comes we realize that its not the bang which is important what is important that you just start but before starting there should always be a plan.

Players always practice a lot before an actual match similarly they strategies before playing on the field and sometimes in the middle of it. An investor always plans his investment before an actual investment, do you see a pattern here? Yes that everybody before an actual start “plans”
So plan before starting and strategies before acting.

Plan your work for today and everyday,

Then work your plan

-Margaret Thatcher

Evolving around your plan and ideas

Ideas and plans can come in your mind anytime and that is something we can’t change because that’s how the human brain works. We sometimes think ooh that’s a perfect idea or plan but then we are like naa it’s not that great. This problem is with everybody and its a big-time killer, it also kills productivity.

This problem’s solution is very simple and that is to give your plan or idea enough time. Some people get an idea and as soon they get it they start acting upon it. That’s a good thing to act on your ideas but you have to also give that idea some time to evolve in your head so if there is any flaw or mislead in that plan or idea you can know it and try to make it right.

Many people start acting soon and the result is that they either fail or they are not good at it so be patient about your ideas and don’t get too excited about it so that when the time comes to act you start well.

Blueprint of your success plan

Now we know that planning is crucial but how to do it? well, that totally depends on you that how you do it. One of the best ways to plan is to write down all the steps you are going to take in your near future and by that, you can clearly remember and know what you have to do next.

You can find plenty of different ways to make a blueprint of your plan but the easiest way to do it that you write your heading eg:- Steps to start a driving institute and then if you want to explain it a bit that why you wanna do it or anything which can be important for you. Next, you start with step 1 in the first line eg:- Step 1:- Buying a car and then you explain that step eg:- I have to buy it from___person, I have to buy a car which has___specs or anything suitable to you.Person Holding White Stylus

The main motive to make a blueprint is similar to journaling but it’s more productive and clean to use.

Consider other people for your success 

The biggest mistake people do while making a plan is not concerning anyone about it, find someone- a friend, relative, father, mother, or anybody and talk to them about your plans and ideas they will either support you and give you some tips or they will be negative or critic about it if they are negative then don’t consider them but if they are really being a good critic by criticizing your plan’s flaws then its a plus for you.Monochrome Photography of People Shaking Hands

Improving yourself

The biggest asset in a man’s life is he himself. What you do today will affect your tomorrow and that’s sure but to be really precise it’s not only today rather its now-its the present we are talking about “what you do in your present will shape your future” and that’s so true. A man is made by his traits and habits including both good and bad ones but its the man himself who can improve himself to such extent that success is under his belt.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work for your goal if you are not working on yourself because success is a manifestation that can only be attracted by your acts so improving yourself is a very crucial part of having success. Give yourself enough time alone and you’ll know that you need to be better to reach the destination you desire.

Be content but never stop improving yourself.

Knowing yourself

People are just acting like robots without even living and that is the case with most of them but the biggest thing to consider is that they don’t know themselves, who am I? why I am doing this? what are my traits? why I am like this? and many more questions like this. If these are the questions that come in your mind then its time for self-realization.

Look around yourself these questions are everywhere but only a few are those who realize themselves. So knowing yourself is the first step if you want to improve yourself and be the best version of yourself. Kowing that you have to have self-realization is the easy part but the tricky part is to understand yourself.

There are many ways to know yourself better but below are the best ones

1. Spend time alone

Spending time alone can make you realize deepest desires and pains, it may also make you realize that you are a totally different person from your perceptions of yourself. It can be really good for you but spending time alone means to be total with yourself only, no devices should be there, only you and you only.Man Wearing Grey Shirt Standing on Elevated Surface

2.Taking a break from the hustle

This world is so busy that we don’t have time for other things to consider. I was a workhorse and there is nothing bad in it, it turns against you in two situations. The first situation is when you are doing something you don’t like and the second situation is when you are doing too much that you don’t remember the rest of your life.

So take a break, go on a vacation, or just take a walk. Just do whatever you can or like which can take you out of your daily hassles trust me when you get back from your break you will be crushing the day. If taking a break is tough for you then try hard to take it because my friend you are missing a big game-changer.

3.Dumping social media

This was coming and you know it. People cry that they are not getting somewhere and that they want to be successful in something but then after 1 or 2 min, they upload a snap-on there Snapchat which to them is more important than being successful.Close-up Photography of Smartphone Icons

Quitting social media has a lot more than you think and yes it can change your life. Social media isn’t a bad thing but it depends on a person how he/she uses it. If you can’t quit it then use it less and possibly end up the addiction.

Use social media for productive reasons only.

Accepting yourself

Now, you know who you are but what if you are totally different from what you perceive yourself as or you are opposite from the character you desire well if that is the case then there is no problem. Let’s face the truth. There are millions of people who think the same way so chill out.

If you want to improve yourself then accepting yourself first is essential it’s like to feel the future first face the present because that’s the only way. It may be harsh to face the truth or reality at first but once you do it, you will be on the top of the world. Take one step towards yourself.

Elimination method

There are never-ending ways to improve yourself but this one is really beneficial and unique. Darius Foroux also talks about this method in his book Do it Now and his articles about productivity. In this method, he teaches how to kill the tasks which are acting as a barrier in you and your success.

First make a list of your tasks which are a part of your daily routine whether it’s a tv, video games, work, etc. Now when your list is complete then delete/cancel/erase the unnecessary things like watching tv, video games, etc from that list. Totally going rouge will not get you anywhere so there must be some breaks in a day like if there are 5 entertainment items in your list choose only 1 from them and use it in your short breaks from work.Person Holding Blue Ballpoint Pen Writing in Notebook

To be very honest it doesn’t matter if you are having 5 cheat tasks Or 10 or even none because what matters is that are you doing your work which will make you successful and if yes then once your work is done you can do whatever you want.

To go smooth you can prioritize between high priority and low priority tasks instead of deleting or canceling those tasks from your list/day, that way if the time is left after your hard-working sessions you can have a little fun but remember only when you have completed your high priority tasks.

Habit & traits adaptation

Adapting new traits and habits is a habit itself. You must have seen people who change themselves or improve themselves in a very short time spawn, whenever you see someone like this that means that person is possessing this habit. To adopt this habit of improvising traits and habits is time-consuming and sometimes money consuming too depending on your habits or qualities you want to grasp.

How to do it?

Make a list of your traits and habits and then make a list of you’re desired habits and traits. Now you have your own traits and the traits you want to have in you. Distinguish and differentiate between the good and bad traits in yourself from your own trait list, you don’t have to do it from your desired trait list unless you are a dumbo. Now separate the bad traits and good traits of yourself from your own trait list.

Now you are having a treasure in your hands, you have your own good traits and bad traits with the traits you desire. After these steps combine your own good traits and the traits you desire these are the traits which you want in yourself and as far the bad traits and habits are concerned Dump them and delete them from your mind and life like a robot.

Dumping your bad traits is not going to be easy, they are going to be harder than adapting good traits but your determination is the only solution to this and nobody else is going to do the hard work for you. So you better start working.

Success’s biggest enemy

The biggest enemy of success is Procrastination. It is your biggest enemy because it’s you who can bring it in your way of success and that’s why you have to stay productive all the time. Procrastination can be considered laziness too but in a mass behavior and it hurts a person in the future by becoming stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.

So don’t be a jack ass and start being a man of action. 

What is it?

Whenever you feel like not working or delaying something that is called procrastinating. It can come whenever you let yourself go with the flow of it. 

How to stay away from it?

The biggest way to not procrastinate is by doing productive work and staying up to your goal. Just by knowing that you can procrastinate things you will do it less because the next time you delay something your mind will tell you that its procrastination, which will force you to complete your task unless you are really good at procrastinating.

Why is it so bad for success?

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of your’s so don’t underestimate it. Trust me procrastination can make you delay the biggest of the biggest tasks in your life. It can either be a piece of cake or it can make you a piece of cake.

Every time you click that snooze button, you are sending this universe a message that you don’t want to have success “now you don’t want that do you?”.The only rule to be productive is to stop procrastination and the only rule to stop procrastination is to stay productive, They go hand in hand.Photo of Person Holding Alarm Clock


1. Analyze your goal by journalling and other means possible because knowing your destination well will make you reach there fast.

2. Take ideas and inspirations from anywhere possible. Every person, thing, place has something special and unique to be inspired about. Share your ideas with others to get their perspectives, take the right inspiration, and use people as resources.

3. Plan your start before an actual start. Take and make blueprints of your plan and steps So that you don’t regret any of it later. Think about your plan as much as possible.

4. Never stop improving yourself because your success depends on you so improve your traits and habits as much as possible. Know yourself better and accept yourself before initializing. Adopt new habits and traits.

5. Stop procrastinating because it can kill your success easily so better be productive.

This is a game where who never gives up wins. So never give up. Whenever you feel like quitting, whenever you feel like you are looser, whenever you don’t have the guts to do it imagine the person you will be in the future.  To the people who wake up every day to improve their lives. who want to be successful, who are willing to be the change. To us, I say “This is just the beginning”