Look new with fewer outfits! learn how? everything you need to be sassy

We all have been there Where you wake up and you don’t know what to wear for the day and under confusion, we realize that the reason to that confusion is that we don’t have many clothes to wear and that really pisses us off and just like that a good sunny day is missed but no more of that because you are about to find out How to Look New Every day? with a small Wardrobe. and be the best version of yourself.

1.Be ready to stock it up

First Just take all the outfits out of your cupboard or wardrobe and take a good look at them and just analyze them keenly, try to compare them to decide what you wear nowadays and what you don’t like wearing.

1.1 A look at Them

If there are clothes which you used to wear and now they are just useless then my friend you can either sell them or just through them to some hippie friend of yours but if there are clothes which are just fine and you have no problem wearing them then you are in a safe zone of being awesome in those clothes. If you have both kinds of clothes “no problem” we got you covered!

1.2 Keep a track

A simple thing is that if you don’t remember your closet then there is no point in trying to look good in those clothes which lie in your closet. Just keep a track of what clothes you have or what you buy in your clothes you just have to remember your closet so that you don’t be that guy who doesn’t even know about his Louis Vuitton jacket in his closet and keeps crying for the small closet.

1.3 Differentiate Between them

Once you know your clothes and you know about them clearly, it’s time to distinguish them in seasons, party wear, casual wear, or any way which you feel comfortable in. Just for an example if you are a casual wearing guy you can divide them into seasons like which are the clothes you can wear in summer and vice-versa if you are a party and office going guy divide them in casual wear and party wear. It really doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it the way you want.

1.4 Keep Them clean

The biggest barrier in your desired look and you are the bad management of your clothes. You must do is just keep the managing of your closet clean and disciplined by the above-mentioned tricks and keep your clothes always clean by consistent laundry.

2.Modify Your Outfits

The biggest solution to your small wardrobe problem is the modification of your outfits so that just by little effort you can look amazing every day without even letting anybody know that you are repeating your clothes “now that is smart isn’t it”.

2.1 Change your upper wear

Did you get a small closet right? But only me and you know that but nobody else and you know what the biggest advantage of that is that we can fool them with your dashing looks. People most of the time don’t look at your bottom wear as much as they look at your upper wear so the trick here is that don’t change your jeans or trousers as much as you change your t-shirts or shirts. Nobody cares what you wear as your bottom as long as you wear nothing so chill out and wear your old sexy jeans as much as you want but keep changing your t-shirt.

2.2 Repeat smartly

Ya who says to look good you don’t need brains well here you need so have a couple of almonds “just kidding” Just have your mind ready when you are going to a party or any company, think about who is going to be there and who saw you in your outfit which you are going to wear in that party before. Just give it a thought before repeating your outfit and do it smartly.

2.3 Color Modification.

One more way to look good with a small closet while modifying is that you modify according to color, have your outfits done by selecting them as colors “it’s a lot easier” to do for example if it’s a party and the dress code is white then combine and repeat your outfit keeping white color in the mind and nobody will know that it’s the same white office shirt.

3.Have A Schedule

It’s always that morning which irritates us when we hassle to choose our outfit and waste a lot of time. No worries now we have a schedule for you.

3.1 Day Schedule

Select your outfits for specific days to wear for easy access and you will not even have to think much for what to wear. Give one day to have your timetable ready for your month or weak so that you’re rest of the days pass clean and neat. you can also modify your schedule according to your way too.

3.1 Night Planning

We all want to have smooth mornings but our outfits make that almost impossible to happen If the above method doesn’t work for you than I have a perfect one for you which I myself follow every day and that is the outfit planning I do at night. You must give 10 mins to your outfit “selecting it” for tomorrow before you go to sleep, it’s the easiest way to release the morning pressure and really saves the time to eat delicious breakfast.


How to Look New Every day with a small Wardrobe, the answer to that “you already have now” People are busy handling their looks so chill out and have your timetable set up and you’re closet clean with some smart tricks mentioned above and you are good to go.

Fashion is What You Buy and Style is what you Make

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