Ideal Brotherhood. Pt. 2 of The Importance of a Great Brotherhood.

We are back with the second part of Importance of a Great, Ideal Brotherhood. And in this part we would be discussing, What is an Ideal Brotherhood / Company.

If you haven’t yet read the previous blog then you should head back to the first part. Brotherhood plays a very important role in a male’s life. It supports all pros and cons of him no matter what the situations are.

By brotherhood, i don’t mean your relations with your real brother, I mean it can be your real brother who possesses that brotherhood to you, but brotherhood means your pals, your Bros for life.

Your bros help you grow out of the situations and make you realize, how much important are you to them. They are always there, whenever you need them.

Hence, it is very important for us all to have pals in our lives. Without them, it really tastes different, a lot bitter than this.

Yes, there would be hard times between you and your brother, but that’s God testing you all that how much deeper your friendship/brotherhood is? How high is your resistance? Do you all still stand high enough to break that wall b/w you all?

Look it’s not about helping each other always. More importantly, it’s about your resistance to breaking the relationship between you and your bros. It’s about being there whenever they need you, even if you stand silent.

Some people assume that people who have high standards or who are rich enough, are a great company/ brotherhood for anyone.

But we all know that it’s not true and I’m going to break down all of that for you.

In the last part, I asked you some questions to ask yourself and it had some of the very important qualities, a true friend possesses.

Ideal Brotherhood

The Ideal Brotherhood

The Ideal Brotherhood is quite rare, but not scarce. In order to have it, you really need to make it like that. Yes, you need to find good friends but that’s not it. You have to pursue it.

Let me explain this to you with an example: Whenever you grow a garden out, you don’t just eat fruits out of the plants or you don’t just grow it but you also maintain it.

You give proper water requirements, weed extractions (unusual plants) or chemicals and stuff they require and also you cut off the extra outgrowths of some plants which tries to make it disguised.

Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt cutting off extra outgrowths, either to plants as they don’t have a nervous system to feel pains nor to brotherhoods as correcting your own pals doesn’t mean you are hurting them.

But you must know the proper traits of a true, ideal brotherhood.


Important Traits a True, Ideal Brotherhood possesses:

So, Let me recall some important qualities that a true friend, a brother posseses:-

• They give you the Importance and Value that you deserve to be given.

• They always show up whenever you need or even if they don’t, they provide you the full support from wherever they are.

• They always appreciate your achievements and attempts even when you fail to accomplish them.

• Yes, at some periods they will disagree with your decisions or sometimes even hurt you but it will be for your good only or they will be against whenever you will be on the wrong path.

• Its should be 50-50 in the efforts. It must be equal as you are having this brotherhood not for just getting it but also for giving it.

Because Brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone.

– Jolene Perry 

Ideal Brotherhood

Some Taboos, the Society pursues about ideal brotherhood

Now, Let’s break down the taboos that almost every society follows:

If you’d be pals with high standardized or Rich people, you’ll have a bEtter, ideal brotherhood as compared to the company of normal people with low-standards.

Huh… it’s definitely not true, it’s just their assumptions or experiences of sight seeings as they think rich people have a great mentality but it’s really not true.

I mean there can be a company consisting of rich people and high standards but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be great always.

Yeah, sometimes it can turn out to be a great company but that doesn’t mean that it is always going to be that way.

Sometimes, things take a great turn even in the best of brotherhoods but the brotherhood that still stands is the Ideal one. The Real one, Real Brotherhood.

If you would be Pals with people who smoke or drink or simply who do not have a good reputation won’t prove an ideal brotherhood.

Well, Sometimes I think what kind of people in this world exist who talk stuff like this. How can a person fail to prove his brotherhood with his pals even if he does not have a good reputation or is addicted.

This taboo hits me the most. It’s totally wrong to judge a person through his bad-traits. I mean, I’m not talking about each and everyone but a lot of people do think that.

I would request you not to think like that, because there also exists some people who have a really good reputation and are good at your face but they shot you at the back while you’re not around.

And then there are some people who take stabs which are supposed to be thrown on you at your back while they take them to save you and don’t even let you know.

Yes, People who smoke, drink, or have a bad reputation can prove an ideal brotherhood. I would say any kind of person can prove a real brotherhood unless and until he is possessing the qualities of a real, ideal Brotherhood.

And on the contrary, anyone can fake a brotherhood, from a high-standardized person to the most badly reputed person in the town.

So, this was the part 2. The Ideal Brotherhood. I’ll be back with the final part soon. I hope this article was helpful to you.