The Rise of the Weak MASCULINITY

A man’s role in this world is very susceptible because man has been changed a lot since the world was made. If you are thinking that this article is going to show you some science stuff, then I want you to be clear that,

This article is entirely based upon man’s diverging and weakening (day by day) masculine power and man’s role in that context. If you have the slightest doubt that this article can hurt your masculine dignity, then I would prefer to switch to some other article that loves to fake lift.

But if you think that you have a scope of improvement, even a little bit of. then this article is for you. Because we are going to talk about everything from history to what in reality is a man’s role in this cruel and disturbing world, where pornography and sex have taken full control over man.

A man’s role is defined by the balance between nature and his character. Now, the question arises “isn’t character a nature’s gift?” No, the character is solely based upon one’s thought and the impulses his mind spreads.

This topic can be a bit explicit in terms of its bluntness. If you desire to know the real masculine meaning, then let’s see through the greatness.

Man’s Role in Historic Times

man's role

Before we can learn about ourselves, let’s see what history was on our Gender.

Men have been considered as protectors and guiders throughout history, On the other hand, some men who had a dominating feminine character were considered artists.

Now no offense for the art or feminine nature. A man can have feminine traits and a woman can have masculine traits. It’s simple.

To be more precise, look at it this way…

There are only two types of genders one is Masculine and the other is feminine (considering the dominating side).

Now a woman can be masculine and similarly, a Bisexual can be masculine or feminine. “easy peasy”

Throughout history, a man’s role is defined as a protector or so-called warrior because of the war system.

Though a man’s role depended on his dominating characteristics or biological traits, he was supposed to serve his nation or king in the need of soldiers.

Usually, what defined Historic men were their few Dominating traits.

Important Traits


man fighting centaur statue

History Has shown us and has been a good narrator of men whose dignity resulted in us. whether it be Alexander Or be Ashoka.

Men were solely defined on the basis of their courageous Emotional attitude. To be fearless.

man’s role was depended on his courage to act as the dominating party when in the need of proper guidance or protection.

Courage was considered as an emotion rather than a caring attitude because it defined the state of mind.

If we read some old classics like The Art of Seduction, we can learn how Courage resulted in the old seduction type “Rake:- the Risk-taker”

Rather than being afraid of the result, men were declined towards getting the thing done. No point in being afraid of something.

A man’s role was to be courageous because courage was used to drive wars and fights and the men who had more courage used to win.

If we look at this modern world, Things are more declined towards getting out of the risk and taking the easy road.

but history shows us how men used to get up every day “knowing that they can die” Regarding that, we can say that a man’s role which defined his status in life was Courage.

Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of choice.

– Edwin Louis Cole

Will- Power

I get angry whenever I come to this.

A man’s role was based upon his courage to do something and to fight the resistance of failure he had will-power.

Now imagine, you have to get up and sprint for 500 meters now. You started thinking, Didn’t you? Historic men took these tasks as a privilege.

Not because it was their nature but because they forced themselves And that force on their character came from willpower.

If we look keenly towards today’s men, what can we say about will-power? Today’s man cannot even stay organized with his fitness Routine because – he’s badly driven-by sex urges which he then full-fills by Some cursed behavior like watching Porn.

Historic Men never fluctuated from their role because sex was not used to be taboo. They used to talk about it and learned how to master it.

Man’s role may seem simple back then but it is not easy for a modern man, Because, of this only property, That is man’s will power to act.

History defines that a man’s role can be calculated by his acts (action). In simple words his action defined him and what does he join in society.

Will power defined a man’s role by transmuting itself into a form of action. Like some of you wake up early by your will-power.

Similarly, will power significantly included in a man’s role.


In most of the warrior movies, we can see how a hero doesn’t care to die and to perform a penance.

We recall it as courage but deeply noticing it their masculine power to fear nothing but god. Men used to be fearless which defined their role as a protector.

a man’s role is to be fearless and to follow up with his desire to fight and be praised. Historic men made victories solely based upon their Fearless-ness.

“If WE fear, WE die” Said Napoleon but that is a story for some other time. Let’s talk about a man’s role.

Fighting and war took courage and winning took calmness in their minds which only came from being fearless.

Sounds very imaginary to be fearless but that is your modern man speaking from fake dilemmas this world has created for you.

You have the will power to force your fears into your victories with the help of courage. Only when you master your fears, you are fully ready to experience divine.

Man of history had more traits that defined their masculine divergence but these were the ones that performed their exhibition.

Their Wisdom

black framed eyeglasses on book page

Brains define your masculinity to its positional context but how did we lose track of it?

Man’s role has been in change since man invented survival dilemmas and now he is sinking in that dilemma.

Men before this knew that there is enough for everybody. But then doubts and questions rise that if that is so then why did we have the war policy?

Well, this subject needs debate and reasoning but I bet we are not going to have one because nobody wants to talk about some real shit.

The wisdom of those times was different from now. The theories were different, experiences were different, etc

The point of their wisdom was that every man has his purpose on this planet which he significantly acts as a man’s role. This makes us think that man’s role can depend on a particular situation but that doesn’t mean that they compromise with their traits.

The traits of a man are necessary for him. Doesn’t matter what he performs or executes, his traits are necessary. Later on, we will talk about this more! So what was most superficial about their wisdom was their freedom of thought.

They thought beyond modern man’s thinking”out-of-the-box“. Wisdom could have been the main reason for their lifestyle which was mainly conducted on a spiritual basis.


rule of thirds photography of lit candle

If Boys don’t learn, men won’t know

– Douglas Wilson

Historic men were very leaned towards spirituality because they knew what significance it has and what power it holds.

Their life was solely based on spiritual texts and wisdom works of literature because they believed in character building of future generations as it will hold a man’s role in the future.

For example. In Ancient India Students were supposed to learn Vedas(Ancient-Texts) which prompted their future lives. A man’s role was supposed to possess wisdom which came from their superficial teachings. Spirituality defined no religion but Only The creator of us.

A man’s role was to be spiritual and to have the realization of God. It defined a larger part of the character of a man and further assisted in defining a man’s role specifically towards society (carrier).

What we can learn from History is that Spirituality was not only a man’s role defining process but the basis of Whole humankind and in that notice, a man was supposed to lead others in it.

Merely greed took over man’s role towards spirituality, this much that he forgot that in spirituality lies his way towards his passions.

I say men were more successful in human aspects in the past than as of now, because they were aware of the basic nature of This universe, and they were motivated to act on their knowledge.

This is how a man’s role was in the terms of spirituality, rather than being agitated on their lives, they were inclined towards real happiness.


woman holding fruit painting

I know, I know there are like tons of examples that we can see, where man’s role is defined by his passion for love, for example Romeo.

He was a classic example whether in reality or just in literature. He was driven by a passion for love.

But if we study the story keenly- we can observe that love wasn’t his passion but his purpose- The same purpose was of his partner Juliet.
most importantly he wasn’t forced by the surroundings rather he was pushed towards love by spirituality.

This was one example of a Man with a purpose of love and which was considered that man’s role, but there are more amazing stories of men who fought for their love thus being a classic protector and following the ritual of a man’s role.


painting of couple

Women were considered very spiritual in the past, especially in ancient India. Women were considered superior to men and were supposed to enjoy a man’s wealth and comforts.

Now you must be wondering that this is not true “women were enslaved by men” No, this imaginary past is made by some hypocrites who consider themselves intelligent.

And just for their clarification “If a woman wanted to fight then, nobody stopped her. It was totally on her” For example, Jhansi Ki Rani, and I’m sure the internet will serve you well in this search. Back to the topic.

Mostly, women were not the first priority of men rather a man’s role was merely being somebody in the world and serving somebody. Like kings served their people and vice-versa, business-men served customers, And the list goes on.

Looking at History we can observe that men were very motivated towards being a part of the economic system. A man’s role towards women was to be simply a good partner and most of all to empower her.

Men had great respect for women because they knew how important was the touch and support of their women and at the same time women too realized a man’s importance.


concrete man and woman statue

“Sex can be the biggest rise of a man and It can be the biggest fall” Napoleon Hill in his fabulous book Think and Grow Rich says… “Humans are the only animals on this planet who performs sex for no purpose rather than for the sake of fun, Every other animal does it for a purpose”

If these words shook you, then My friend, Welcome to the Man-Hood.

Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.

– Marcus Aurelius

This wasn’t like this always, In the past we can see that on average, men used to have at least 4 children, the reason being:- that at that time there were no ways that you could somehow convert a reproductive and spiritual process into just a greedy/vulgar/routine process.

Men of history didn’t see sex when having sight of a woman, they saw straightforwardly a spiritual being whose touch and company handles this world. Masculinity used to come when there was feminine respect.

It was not like today where life is just revolving around sex. It was more than that. A man’s role didn’t come in his way of dealing with sex. They had the realization of sex-transmutation.

Today a man’s role is merely shaking his hand and somehow that same man call’s its biological nature. Today a man’s role is merely accepting his present as reality and when he imagines, he imagines sex and nothing else.

Historic men were not like that, they knew a man’s role is meant to raise his diverging masculine power.


man holding sword statue

Now passions were not different, maybe they had different ways but The inside is the same. The point is not that, the point is the priority they gave to their passions.

In history, men were aware that their purpose serves first and then they look at themselves. Men were not selfless, nor were they selfish, They had a perfect balance between being selfless and selfish.

That balance made it possible for them to lead a happy and spiritual life. Now if you are wondering that I have used spirituality many times then you already know what it is about but for reference, I am going to talk about it later in the article.

Now passion is a very interesting word, A man can have a passion for buying a new horse or learning to sing (historic context).

But the biggest thing we can note from History about men is that they were very centric towards their passion as well. Now let’s talk about what do you think Is the best.

The Modern Man’s Role

man face covered with white tape

Let’s Do this… A modern man’s role in this world is the opposite of what it used to be. He has lost that wisdom, wisdom of women, spirituality, sex, and anything you can come up with.

I hate to say this but he has lost his masculinity. What used to define a man has itself changed the definition and mainly it has changed a man’s role.

Now, you don’t see a woman protected around men but she feels disguised by his sex vibrating mind, she doesn’t feel comfortable rather she wants to get away, but she can’t because everywhere is that man who is not a man himself.

Man’s role is now just to drive for sex and to compensate with that urge he finds silly solutions like masturbation or pornography and when questioned by his inner spirituality and masculinity, he defends himself by saying “it’s biological”

Now to be really precise in my bluntness, let’s follow the topics above so that you can see the difference.

Important Traits Of a Modern Man

1.Cowardness and Irresponsibility

Smiling careless bearded businessman refusing accusation, acting like an hypocrite. Coward or irresponsible for corporate faults, isolated, white background royalty free stock image

Modern men are situated under a universal mindset of doing the talking and then backing away from the first sight of failure or resistance.

Modern Man’s role is mere To module his words and then do procrastination. Modern man is centered to be a hypocrite and serve his guilt under the shadow of cowardness, His character is based upon being afraid of many things like failure.

His ways are to sneak, to back-stab his fellow man, ditch his brother-hood, switch between partners, and hide behind his women when the duty calls.

Man’s role to the most extent is based upon his cowardness, a characteristic to find other and easy way out or to easily compromise.

2.Lack of Knowledge

“Why Am I here?” A question which every real man asks himself, A curiosity to know his origin-not biological but spiritual.

It is a man’s role to seek knowledge and wisdom but does he? No, because He is merely an object of this matrix which runs like he does

“with the lack of knowledge” But why doesn’t he seek knowledge? Simply because he doesn’t have that curiosity to seek the truth and real wisdom which lie somewhere around him very close.

A modern man’s role is so changed that he doesn’t even realize that he must have that curiosity to master this illusion. When he will possess the curiosity to know the truth, and when he is enough courageous- He shall seek the Knowledge.


Modern Man contains extreme jealousy, anger, urge, robotic features, etc. There is so much that a modern man consists which can be easily said insane comparatively to what historic men consisted In their characters.

No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.

– Abraham Lincoln

So, when those things are combined, they give us one term “Insanity”. Man’s role is nothing but to be principal centric, which defines his purpose and duties.

But modern man declines every aspect that was ever defined closely to a man’s role by the possession of greed and jealousy, Though there are other features,but they mostly set themselves under these.

A normal man is insane by his thought impulses and his reacting ways. Man’s role is no longer to fight resistance and sticking to the duty because he has found some other ways to transmute his other desires.

These features give him a sense of completing his role and duty but little does he know that it’s just his small ways to make it worse. He has made his own Ideals, He doesn’t need Leaders, What he needs is a new celeb or that new social media app to spend his time on which he will never make it productive.

The reason behind this insanity is his lack of wisdom, which doesn’t let him have that real power to use everything for a good purpose.

Modern Man’s Wisdom

black Android smartphone on gray bed sheet

Modern man doesn’t have that wisdom that was supposed to be his higher sense of guidance- because his culture defines that real wisdom to be a sham and unreal.

Modern man’s role has become very vital in injury to himself because it is now to support cultures which he is making himself. A woman is to him everything and not because of her spiritual and feminine nature but because he is fascinated by her body.

His wisdom lacks the affirmative sense of reality and truth, It is merely a mirror of his ownself which he thinks is right.

Wisdom is the result of knowing something but modern man’s role decline the knowledge of the divine which is the truth. He doesn’t want to know that truth because he thinks that it will not give him power, fame, money, and especially women but what he doesn’t know is that every passion and the secret to getting it lies in that divinity.

His wisdom lacks courage because modern man’s role doesn’t speak of that, reason being:- it will make them great. The ones with the wisdom and the knowledge of truth too are joint by modern man’s role and that is why he doesn’t tell others about that secret.

Another truth is that if he tells his fellow men about this wisdom, they will call him insane because to understand real manhood, a man shall not be a boy.

Spirituality Of a Modern Man

closeup photo of cigarette butt

What this modern world need is a tint of spirituality but the thing is that who will bring this change, majority of the men think of this as a false reality because they are so indulged in exploring their own beliefs and when confronted, they answer that it is Science.

Now here rises a debate between real intellect and a shaming man on spirituality vs science, To put a stop to this, let me put it this way, “Science is a part of spirituality and spirituality doesn’t go against science (only in some cases like masturbation), even though today’s scientific discoveries were already discovered through spirituality ages ago”.

Modern man’s role defines his culture by being centered in a hole which he made and now he can’t get out of it and is sinking. The only thing which can save him is the divine’s hand which is spirituality.

This context is very vast and is worth debating on, but like I said modern man’s role is against real manhood’s nature.


Every bit of this section is the same but their execution is vastly and devastatingly harsh. Masculinity is biologically made to be attracted towards feminity but through sex only?

A modern man will say “yes”. Men are naturally attracted towards their specific passions but should that make a man greedy? A modern man Is.


black Mercedes-Benz car

objects are more advanced but have the same symbol, what has changed is the execution to gather these passions, Greed has taken over the minds of modern men and that is why they define it now as a man’s role.

A man’s role is now his bucket list which to him is his life, He can sacrifice his morals and principles for these passions.

He now has jealousy towards his fellow man rather than appreciating his success he condemns it or if not condemn- he fakes it.


grayscale photo of woman with her mouth wide open

I am putting women and sex on the same plane because according to modern man’s role, women are merely a sex symbol for him, and sex is merely associated with women rather than other aspects like spirituality.

Now, as he is a coward as well, so he takes some alternates so that he doesn’t have to approach a woman. Those alternates are critical and can kill a man from inside but little does he know that it is wrong, because his culture promotes it.

You seek the heights of manhood when you seek the depths of God.

– Edwin Louis Cole

I am talking about Pornography and Masturbation: later he will understand what he was into. He is immature right now but later by age when he will be thinking this, a new generation will be doing the same things.

This is high time to change his morals and roles so that he may rise and shine again, If there is a will it will take less than a week to experience the real masculine power.

A man just thinks of sex all the time, he influences his fellow man to do the same but does that help him? No, he drives in that mud thinking he is getting closer to greatness but in actuality, he is about to fall permanently.

He doesn’t respect women anymore because he thinks of them as an object to use, a fruit which is made to eat, And he no more deserves to be called a man because what a real man’s role is, He doesn’t know it anymore.

If you are new here, This is The Voguish Males and here we talk about real manhood, If you liked this article, do share it and follow us on social media, and don’t forget to subscribe to this magazine.

Lastly, I would like to cheers on those who know a man’s role and who are willing to change this world. I’ll have you next time- till then Stay sexy- Stay safe.