How to live like a MARINE


Imagine this:

It’s 5:05 in the morning and the alarm goes on. It’s quite irritating but wakes you up.

Now, you start realizing you woke up and you need to get out of bed and guess what, you actually do it.

Yes, your mind was insisting you to sleep by sending these thoughts to your consciousness:

“Oh gosh, I need some sleep. Uh…. Okay, just 5 more minutes, then I’ll wake up. I swear to God I’ll wake up” and all God has to see is you sleeping for the next 2-3 hours.

But guess what you didn’t. You woke up. Feels good to imagine this way. Doesn’t it? Yeah, it’s probably because, you’re imagining it, not actually doing it.

Back to imagining, You go to the washroom, Take a Cold Shower. Yeah yeah, a cold one. C’mon, we’re talking marine lifestyle. So, a cold shower is the least we could do.

And then, ‘warm water’. Yeah, but for drinking with some lemon squeezes over the top. It adds up.

Now, You start doing some stretches while you’re performing affirmations. You start remembering God’s existence. Getting ready for the day.

It’s 5:45 now, 40 minutes since you woke up. So, you go out for a Jog with some mild sprints in-between.

It’s 6:15 you come back home. You start exercising, you start to work out on your body. The physique.

It’s 7:00 and you just finished your workout. Now, You check your phone, emails, texts, etc for the next 10 to 15 minutes and then, you start making your first meal of the day.

Yes, the Big and heavy Breakfast is filled with all the essential nutrients you need to nail this day out.

It might be some naan (a special Indian bread) with potatoes or if you eat eggs, you can add ’em up too. And a glass of milk with added peanut butter (if you like that).

Just take anything for instance that you like eating the most.

Now, It’s 7:30, and it’s time to take up work. Work could be anything but what you love to do.

What doesn’t make you do it more, doesn’t need to be worked on and you know why.

You started working now, you had some breaks as per your official schedule. But you stood tough with your work.

Now, it’s 17:00. It’s the Evening time. You come back home, around 17:45 and take a warm shower.

You know, you refresh yourself for a cozy evening after another hustling day.

Still doing things in a marine-inspired way. Everything is settled but still knowing that the danger can be anywhere around you. Even a second away.

So, you relax and chill out, while staying ready for a bang.

Thoughts like: “Even if you’re broke, you stay tough.” Or “You stay ahead of everyone. Only you are your competitor. No one else is.” Keep revolving around keeping you motivated every time think of going back to the core of your comfort zone.

Then, you do your daily dealings and stuff and finish this day by filling this day upon your journal.

And then, have some nice and deep sleep which you’ll definitely get after nailing this day out.

So, how did it felt? Like how much well-executed? I know that because for the last 20-25 days, I’m being on a lifestyle that is much similar to the story I told you to imagine.

I’m very inspired by the way, marine people live. So, I decided to write this article and share with you guys, how much discipline and consistency a marine-inspired lifestyle can bring to you.

So, you might be wondering like, why do I need to follow that, I’m already very active and I’m really good at timings. So, what is the need to learn from this marine-inspired lifestyle?

Well, read this full article and then, ask yourself this question again.

Skills and Habits We Need to learn from The Marine Lifestyle.



So, what would you think of, when I say, ‘Discipline’? Usually, you might think of things like. Sitting on your place straight. Follow line-up formations plus, not talking.

All the early years of our life, we were trained in such a way, that discipline felt like a curse word. No, it does feel that way. Discipline, Discipline, and Discipline.

Well, thanks to school, for teaching us discipline in such a way that we will never sit on a chair/seat in the wrong position.

But Guys, hey, I got you, yeah, I got you. And I’m going to define to you what Discipline actually is.

So, If you still Google it, it’ll be, the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

The Practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior is what we call discipline.

Discipline has many benefits, and yeah, we’re gonna discuss them all right here and now.

Discipline helps us develop a good and healthy mindset. The calmness and strength it provides can really be very beneficial if used properly.

Discipline helps to improve our concentration on something as we are more focused than ever, thanks to the level of consciousness, provided by discipline.

As discipline helps us stay focused, with that, it increases our mental ability to do such things. Discipline frees our minds from disturbances.

“There is no magic wand that can resolve our problems. The solution rests with our work and discipline. ”

Jose Eduardo dos Santos

Discipline not only helps you stay out of an unorganized life but helps you pull others out from their downfalls.

Discipline brings stability and structure into a person’s life. It really teaches a person to be responsible and respectful.

Discipline allows you to take control over your mind and as you start taking control of your mind, you start taking control of yourself.

So, As I told you already, Discipline is not what our school taught us. It’s a different plus, a lot more vast and more approachable than they made it look like.

You see, every successful man on this planet does follow discipline in his day-to-day life.

And that is one of the major reasons why they have their time arranged for every important task.

Discipline helps us organize our life in such a way that, we stay productive without getting much exhausted.

Chaos is totally unbearable with a busy lifestyle. And I guess you do know it better if you are already facing it.

Discipline helps someone to understand how to develop a good mindset. This helps the person to analyze the situation and find out what to do.

Lack of discipline can lead to a mistaken reaction. This failure will harm not only people but also the self of the person.

In simple words, Discipline helps us develop a positive attitude.

Once someone said: A wilderness is a workshop for the devil.’ It can cause problems if you do not control your mind and keep it free.

Control your mind before it starts controlling you.

Activeness throughout the day.

In Marines, soldiers are trained so hard that in every moment of their duty, whether they’re just sitting or doing a drill.

Activeness is something we all require, even the one who works on computer, programming or even writing a book all day.

Do you still play any kind of sport? Like of any kind. If yes, Good please continue playing it for at least once a week.

It boosts your self-confidence, making you more active, not just physically but mentally too.

The Public Health Agency reported that regular participation in sport and being active can also promote good mental health.

It includes improving your mood, enhancing your sense of well-being, reducing anxiety, combating negative emotions, and protecting against depression.

You start becoming more and more active after adapting to a Marine-inspired lifestyle.

Activeness is needed throughout the day, from a child to an adult but only the ones with self-management and discipline.

Well, what can I say for the benefits, they’re all over.

• An Active Lifestyle reduce your risk of a heart attack.

• An Active Lifestyle manages your weight better.

• An Active Lifestyle has a lower blood cholesterol level.

• An Active Lifestyle lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

• An Active Lifestyle has lower blood pressure.

• An Active Lifestyle has stronger bones, muscles, and joints and a lower risk of developing osteoporosis.

• An Active Lifestyle lower your risk of falls.

• An Active Lifestyle recover better from periods of hospitalization or bed rest.

• An Active Lifestyle feel better – with more energy, a better mood, feel more relaxed and sleep better.

So, you see that list, doesn’t stop here. It’s longer than the whole article but, I think this might be enough to make you believe how beneficial an active Lifestyle is.


Hustle, Loyalty, Respect. Whose words are they? Yup, John Cena. Who we usually see either on WWE or in a Hollywood movie playing the role of a Marine. Don’t we?

In marines, every single one of them takes an oath every day that contains loyalty and honesty towards the nation.

This phrase is settled so hard into the brains of the marines that they can give their life for this promise of loyalty towards the nation.

Loyalty has become quite rare these days. Even many married couples aren’t loyal to each other these days.

Being loyal to your Words, Work, Worship, and Woman is something that only a true man can understand and possess.

Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles.


Just, remember that every time you stay loyal to these four W’s you will definitely have much less complexity in your life.

Well, we may not be able to choose the right person to trust.

We must ensure that we are not blindly or submissively loyal to anyone. That is the point where the other one starts taking advantage of your blind loyalty.

Both sides must be equally loyal, dominant, and submissive and that is where things balance.

Alertness: Consciousness at its highest.

Well, if marines stop being alert then, what will happen? Everything we don’t want to imagine will be a reality then.

Marines are trained in such a way that their minds are always awake.

Even when they’re sleeping, they’re conscious and will still be over any civilian (except my mom, she has this sixth sense of waking up with the least volume of sounds, even a drop of a needle. superhuman ability)

So, being alert about your environment is very essential these days, especially because of the increasing rates of crimes throughout the city.

Alertness can really be lifesaving if done in a proper form without being a jerk you know what I mean.

Stay conscious of your surroundings. Always. You might someone’s lifesaver even your own self’s.

Reverse Planning

We start from first determining a deadline and then planning backward from there on how you plan to face said deadline.

By using this concept, you’ll be able to determine exactly how much work is in front of you and complete your tasks on time.

You’ll also reduce stress and anxiety knowing, at a glance, that the big bad deadline isn’t sneaking up on you.

Personally, it really helps me to keep up from facing that hard time on the deadline. It really feels bad in there.

So, in this manner, you keep yourself up to the task and away from the deadline.

Double-check everything

Double-check everything before you leave so that, after taking on the journey, you won’t be reminded of your other pair of shoes that you left back home.

It really helps, I’ve been there more than anyone I guess. I remember traveling to Jammu from Srinagar every winter.

And I used to be the one, most excited for the journey in my family of four. So, I would be helping my mother pack the bags, father to wash the car, a day or a night before traveling.

And then the next day, when we would take on the journey, I would start remembering the things I left prepared for the journey back home.

And then, I’d be crying for the next minute. You know, I was like 6 or 7 back then.

So, you see. I might be regretting it for the next minute as a child, but you might be missing some very important stuff Plus, regretting it for the whole journey.

So, not just on journeys, apply them on an everyday basis so, you don’t miss out!

Keeping your space clean.

You might not think this will help improve your entire life, but it does. Having a clean home promotes a healthy lifestyle and doing the mundane, repetitive tasks to keep it neat is what builds discipline.

Plus, when you get done, you see the results. Nothing makes you feel better about accomplishing a task than seeing positive results.

Prepare for the next day before you go to the bed.

This one has inspired me the most. Preparing for the next day is so beneficial that during the last 20-25 days, I have been really benefited in terms of the task-performing activities throughout the day.

Take half an hour or maybe 45 minutes just to ensure and schedule the tasks that need to be done tomorrow.

It helps you a lot in attaining that discipline to make you nail every single opportunity to push harder.

Paying attention to the smallest of the details

So, this point is drilled pretty hard into the minds of marines which we also require.

A Drop and a drop and drop and so on makes the ocean. Take inspiration from this saying.

Every little thing that you pay attention to, ensures the denial of a major fault.

You know, sometimes it can be really helpful like it can be a lifesaver.

Doing more with less

Learn to start doing things with the maximum amount of possible resources instead of all the things it requires (including the things you don’t currently have).

Like, you can’t have all the things at the same time, but you do have some. Start with them and slowly and steadily, all the wanted resources will show up.

For example, you’re planning a startup, you have complete faith that It’ll be a bang in the market.

And now, you can buy a website, you have enough money, etc but you do not have a good staff and enough time to manage alone.

But then, there’ll always be something that you need but cannot get it. The thing that will try to hold you back from doing it, but there always be one which will force you to.

Less is more. Progress is made through precise, persistent, and purposeful pushes.

Scott Perry

So, it’s totally on you what you choose. But All I wanna say is, whenever want to do it. Just try to make it as much as you can with all you have. It’ll be worth it.

Just like in this scenario it was, time and a non-efficient staff. But you did have enough money and faith that It’ll succeed.

Problems will climb your nerves but you gotta stay grounded.

So, do you remember how you started each roll-out with enthusiasm and a bit of optimism too but nothing really happened?

How you gave all your energy you had to make it done?

Plus, around the same time, you also realized that sitting around isn’t going to make it any easier to do.

Remember, everything that you do has a point where you’re weak, even if you’ve mastered that very thing. Now, that weak point is where it all sucks.

Get ready to spend ninety percent of your time away from home. But don’t sit around the clubhouse bitching about it.

Doing the impossible

So, there’s always a time where every single that seems impossible, you somehow manage to do it. Where you can’t even believe that you really did the impossible.

Like, when you got 95 in maths where you hardly manage to get 60 out of 100 most of the time.

Tackling every problem, no matter what.

One of the things, I love about marines is that, they not only look after their responsibilities with full concentration but also, look after each other if any of them is having issues with that, they’ll support him just like a brother. And that’s what they are.

They look after each other, no matter what. They, always make sure. That their buddies don’t stick back.

They push themselves plus, they make sure to help their buddies out.

They’re different from the rest of the world, who always turn down others by replying, “Well, that’s not my problem, is it?

It’s really inspiring to see that the marines are so self-managed and self-dependent but still, they do not hesitate to help the other.

Envision goals only. Don’t count the obstacles.

So, if you tell someone not to think of a Red Tesla model 3. What do they think of? Yes, a Red Tesla Model 3

Tell someone not to look back. Where they’d be looking? Yup, Exactly. BACK.

The 7 Steps to Transformation:

1. Dream it.

2. Envision it.

3. Think it.

4. Grow it.

5. Become it.

6. Live it.

7. OWN it.

Germany Kent

Marines have one motive follow the order, even if they’re conditioned to walk/jog a 100 miles.

They just think about the finishing point and not about the 10 mile journey.

They’d be thinking about the reaching point and preparing for it. whereas we’re freaking out just by reading ’10 miles’ and shouting “a 10 miles,what?”

Don’t think much about the obstacles that’ll come in between as in every path there’s a turn where things can really take a turn. So, don’t be worried. It’s worth it.

Just know what the Goal is. If there’s any thought that disturbs you from taking the lead to your goal, forget it. Don’t give a damn. You wanna go for that goal? Do it.

Self Management

One of the first lessons you learn in the Marines is self-management is one of the first lessons you learn in Marines.

It really helps in daily life which counts big in the long term. It is the habit that helps you attain discipline at its highest.

Self-management shows us what real discipline is.

“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories. ”


So, Just start with managing your time. Managing your time means fixing all your daily tasks into suitable time slots.

By managing yourself, you manage everything around you.