Find your ENCHANTED, peaceful Future.

Your future is defined by your present thoughts and that is it. Seriously, that is totally it. You can switch up to something else because…

If you think that this article is going to share some miracle or secret with you for an easy way out, then you will be stung by defeat.

Today can be the most productive time of yours here on the internet if you read this article through its core.

Probably, every ‘get rich book’ will tell you to grind your way through the thoughts your mind is in possession.

You will like to get the things done or wait for it, you would like to be somebody now or you will compromise, you will rise or you will fall.

It all depends on your thoughts and impulses your mind transfers from itself to others where things become happening.

But till now, You were thinking of grinding and suffering for your dream to come true but once, a great man said,

“If your dreams don’t have goals, then they are just dreams.”

You gotta apply every possible way out there, whether be thoughts, grinding, suffering.

You gotta get out and kill it. Doesn’t matter how hard it gets. You have to be one level up from the negativity around you.

Your future shall be your present or at least your thoughts shall be that place where your future is your present.

You can never put a thought out and hope that it will work if you would want to just lie down and be a snip.

Snips don’t possess that thought process. Because if they did, then they would have been the leaders of our society.

This article will not talk only about your future but how to fight the Resistance of your way.

You are not a snip and I know it. “Who you are is a thing only your future can dictate.”

So, just to be that above segment- let’s see get started.

How your present Decides your Future


Just ask one thing to yourself, Why do you do what you do? For example, why do you workout today? So that, you can have a good physical form tomorrow.

Why are you working? So that, you can have a good income in the future.

Why are you here on this magazine studying a development centric article, when you can simply go out and waste your time? Because you can be a better person in the future (a legend).

It all revolves around your thoughts which are your present asset, which is a strong, non-diverted, perfect (if you make it), it is your presence which you think in reality.

You exercise with the thoughts of becoming strong but in reality:- you think to be strong and then you exercise.

Now, it can be a bit tricky but that is the nature of this universe.

Your present decides your future because your present thoughts are the thoughts which shape your future.

Thoughts are the sole reason why your future is based upon your present.

The Thought Process

The biggest asset you have is your mind, it is why you are different from others, it is what defines you.

You have two options right now, to think you lose or to think you win.

If you imagined that you will never be strong in the future, will you be exercising today?

Absolutely no, Because you already have had the vision of the future that you will not succeed.

Now, instead of that, you imagined that you will be a fitness enthusiast and that is why you are here today.

A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Grinding and hustling your way through to succeed at your destination.

At first, it may seem very unofficial and unpractical to believe this theory but I say believe in your thoughts.

Plus, If you feel that your masculine dignity is not accepting this regard then force yourself to have faith.

And when you have faith in your thoughts then slowly but surely you will realize its practicality.

We have made our own limits to perceive other things but if I may ask, what makes you perceive these limits?

The answer will be a blurred image of you trying to dignify yourself through the means of practical senses which themselves are nothing but an illusion.

Limits? What is that? Well, that is the real answer.

Your imagination and thoughts shall never be burdened by these limits of yours because in reality this world have no practicality, its all magic.

As humans, we have mistaken the world to be practical.

Our thoughts define this world, our imagination and our thoughts are not merely some mind curtains and instead, they are future actions.

Your thoughts are you, your thoughts are this world, your thoughts are your future.

You think bad- you get bad, you have to Push your thoughts to be of the divine.

Your Daily Process

What is your present? Right now, you’re reading this and this is your present.

What was your present when you were exercising? You were working-out, You were exercising and that was your present then.

What was your present when you were watching a movie? You were watching a movie.

Your present simply means your “now” and now your thoughts define your present.

When you work on ‘now’ whether you are working- out or reading something, you are defining your tomorrow.

When your thoughts are your now and that is reflected by or in your actions, that action is a glimpse of your future.

Thoughts are really powerful in every-term or every aspect of your life/future/present.

You work in your present, you exercise in your present and you support these actions by your thoughts and if they are negative then the result will too be negative.

Your thoughts are your business and if you run your business low and ached then money won’t be your friend.

If we get into it deeply and figure out how our actions are just our thoughts, we can see how thoughts are running our execution.

Our daily thoughts are the ones which have the most persistence and emotional power, daily thoughts usually end up being your daily routine.

If you are a person who likes to buckle up yourself with a lot of beers and have your weekdays revolving around negativity and dumbness then you should be clear that you are thinking of that.

Your thoughts are negative impulses that you are spreading on daily basis.

You have to be strict with your daily thoughts and what you think, you have to be precise with your thought impulses because they define your action and in the long term- they define your future.

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”

You must have heard of this line for sure but what does it mean and more importantly why does it mean this way.

Till now, we know that our thoughts are the sole purpose by which our future is dependent.

Your thoughts are mostly influenced by your surroundings and your atmosphere, so you see how it goes.

Your thoughts define your future and your environment defines your thought process.

Your atmosphere can be simply said as to be your company, usually the people you hang out with and go hand in hand.

Your company/friends define yourself and how you perceive other things.

Now, I am not saying that this could vary on every-single person because I know some amazing leaders…

Who never had a good company even if they wanted to. They were forced to be with them.

And when you are surrounded by negative people, it takes balls to make your mind bulletproof to those negative minds.

The best way is to penetrate the thoughts of others so that your mind influences them rather theirs influencing yours.

Some people truly have that thing- be that person-a real leader if you want a satisfactory life filled with the completion of your purpose.

Your leader will get out when your mind lets it and your mind will do that when you force it to think what you desire and to think what your purpose needs.

Daily Practice

What is a practice, is it what you do right before your stage or track performance? That’s probably a warm-up.

Is Practice what you do after your flight? That’s Probably Cooling-Down. Then what is practice?

The practice is a daily process that you perform ages before the real fight, it is the most amazing process on this planet which defines persistence.

I mean if you have to run at least 5 miles for the next one year and I tell you no reason whatsoever for doing so.

The practice is just like that. At least practice for being successful is like that, It is something you do daily as an action that defines your hope and faith for your future.

You can’t hire someone to practice for you.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

That is what a process of practice is? Bunch of actions that you perform daily without asking any questions.

It really doesn’t matter how hard the situations get or how ached or bored you are by performing a specific act.

Your thoughts must be only and only centered towards your result which your sadhana (practice) represents.

Now, you may think while performing a practice that is it what will get you where you want to be?

Your thoughts will get ached by the pressure of your resistance which weakens your persistence.

You may think that this is bullshit and is no worth your time but that is when you have to force yourself to punch through that resistance.

Thoughts are merely what you want them to be(it may take time, but it is totally in your hands if you would like to control your mind)

The Desire

Think and Grow Rich defines this perfectly, The author of the book described it passionately that you can’t get anything if you have no desire to accumulate it.

You have to have that urge to push and to get that thing which you desire When you think something and you get it- That is straightforwardly Pure Man-Hood.

I want you to embrace it, I want you to own your thoughts so that you may rise and rise to the heights you never have seen.

Sometimes it is different, sometimes you are forced to like something-to develop a desire but I’m not talking about that- I’m talking about being a fabulous purpose finder.

A desire which is yours, Even the thoughts of it gives you a whole ton of pleasure, Have the desire to be your best, have a desire to buy that car, have the desire to find the divine.

Just anything you want- Get it. Simply go and nail it.

Your Thoughts define your future and the main aspect of doing so is because those thoughts always will and always have been revolving around your desire.

If you don’t have a desire to get something or if it is not burning then just sit back and imagine that want of yours getting real.

Do it for weeks or for years just do it till you make it your burning desire– You got it.

Now, desire is something which can be your purpose or just a small goal revolving around your purpose of life,

Whatever it may be-just follow it with dedication and love.

Just like David Deida likes to say in The Way Of The Superior Man, “Penetrate this world with love.”

Your Actions

Now, anything under this section does not mean to mock you or your present situation persistently!

If you are somebody who likes to wake up around 5:00 in the morning then you know what does it mean and how important it is to be persistent in it.

But at the same time, you know how these mornings shape your rest of the day.

On the other hand, if you are somebody who sleeps late till night and you really don’t care about what the other day holds,

You are not stoic (forbearing), you are just irresponsible about your life. You spread your thoughts perceiving what you ignore.

Your actions are going lame with no direction and zero ambition.

Napoleon Hill said “There is no cure to a disease named No-Ambition” Your ambition is simply the urge to get to your desire.

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

Walter H. Cottingham

If you could relate to this person above then you are somewhere getting to the point where your thoughts are converting from ignorance to acceptance.

What you act is simply a way to converse with the divine or just the universe, when you act like you don’t want to be somebody or you act like you don’t want something…

You simply tell the universe that you don’t need those things, and the best part is that Universe may delay your hard work but your ignorance will come fast.

Your actions are your deeds, your Karma and simply when you put something in the world even if it doesn’t immediately give back you the results, You will get your result, and trust me your wait will be worth-while.

Ditching the Distractions

If you are a person who loves to live a productive and going-crushing life then you must have noticed that distractions can kill the ongoing process or practice.

Thoughts on the other hand perceive the same result if you drawback from something, You think and then you procrastinate.

You just killed your thoughts which were going to shape your leverage of future.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of success and the main reason of procrastination is the distractions you surround yourself with.

Thoughts are impulses and when you empower yourself with taking action over your thoughts- you make your impulses really strong which then blesses you with Will power.

And Will power alone is the emotion you have, to kill this cunning enemy named Procrastination.

Now, Will power has its two ways to empower your Life. And those are…

Desire:- When you have the desire, you grow with it. You wake-up with it and you sleep with it.

You nail it, You live it and that is when you get enough capacity to move one step ahead.

That step is Will Power.

Force:- How do you grow in work-out? Is it something that gives you a sign to move one more rep or you just think one day that you have to push more and more?

Forcing yourself to take hard steps (somehow) can make you rise to a very different and superior level.

You will have Will-Power. You will have enough courage to move forward.

Your Present

Now more than anything, you are here in your present- In your reality.

Let go of everybody and anything and dive into the realization of being here and here only.

Doesn’t matter what you have been through in the past or even forget that you have a past.

Everything you had or ever will, it all will be dissolved in one and the only and you will experience the only peace which a man needs after that.

If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.

Roy T. Bennett

You right now have a choice of being who or what you are or you can move ahead or at least try to be who you are destined to, (not what you want to).

You will definitely need courage and power to do so but once you keep up with it, you will know the very definition of a man.

Your present is your reality which you can turn into anything what-so-ever.

You can have that desire which you will be needing to be great, You can have anything that was in this article which you thought you don’t have or you are not likely to get it.

You can be anything and by anything I mean anything. It is your way right now.

So, better be who you are destined to be because you are made by your thoughts and thoughts only.

Force your mind to think big and think positive, and I promise you that once your mind perceives what you want it to.

That is when you will see the divine nature of your thoughts and the most precious gift by him.

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