The Influencer. 5 ways you need! to adopt to become “The Influencer”.

Let’s talk about man stuff. Let’s talk about things which are going to make you damn attractive. Attractiveness is an essential key for becoming an Influencer. No, Seriously I’m not talking about those Social media influencers, I’m talking about “Influencers” the original ones. These Social media influencers have changed the Identity of an Influencer, Most of the Social media influencers are made of inapplicable capabilities, but still I believe there are some of them which can really be categorized as the “Influencers”, and I think Aaron Marino, the owner of the YouTube channel Alpha M. He’s such a great Influencer and I think you should visit his YouTube channel and have a look over his Influencing Skills. Plus, he also provides remarkable info about male stuff. He is really an example of The “Influencers”. Back to the hot topic, I’m going to talk about.. Yeah! The “Influencers” yeah, yeah, the original ones. Wait, how are they going to be any different from the much known? And Why to Influence?  Well, not gonna tell you that fast, just read it till the end.

  • Why to become an Influencer? Is it really necessary to become an Influencer?

Well, Let me tell you that if you want people to admire you for your positive qualities, if you want to get people thinking that you’re heck of a an Ideal man. If you want to be in the spotlight for being the one, If you want people to listen to you, and Most importantly, If you want to win people and so that they can value you, You have to be an “Influencer” and Yes it is necessary to become an Influencer, if you want to win them and lead them your way.

  • There are a lot of them. So, Is it worth to become one?

Well, to be honest, it has gone a far way now, like there are a lot of Influencers around you, have a look at your environment, there are many kinds of them. But remember, it is really worth to become an “Influencer” and not just any other regular influencer.

So, Finally we’re on 5 tips on becoming the “Influencer “and here is the First one:

1. Playing the Good side.
Everyone knows that everyone has two sides the good one and the bad one. We can’t carry both of them at the same time. So, we have to choose one to show them, either it’s going to be the good side or the bad side. Playing your bad side in people is just going to make you appear worse in front of them or sometimes people get Influenced by them in a bad way, like people start doing the bad things that the bad Influencer possessed but playing good side, like spreading positive words and vibes, it is really gonna Influence them in a good way. but we all know that the good one is hard sometimes and is really hard to show for some people.

Let me explain this with a very good example, Look, you know it’s not easy to grab the juiciest fruit of any tree . So, to accomplish the juiciest one, Either you have to climb the tree or you have to aim a perfect shot with the help of a stone. Both of them have almost same difficulty level, but it’s worth. And for a while imagine that one juiciest fruit is (playing the good side) and we all are participating in a competition to achieve that. We all have different abilities, some of us who are good at aiming, may not be good at climbing and vice-versa. And you know why are they so good at it? Because they have practice of it. So, there will also be the third side, the ones who will be good at neither aiming nor climbing. And just like that, playing the good side may turn out to be easy for you, if you’re already good in playing your good side in people, and it’ll also be easy for someone in a different way, but if you belong to the third side, like the ones who are having a different taste in playing their good side, the ones for whom it is becoming hard to play the good side in people, just know that it is hard but possible and by practicing it is constantly becoming easy to play. You know start with your friends or family, practice it.

2. Being Positive.
Well, I know it is a lot familiar with what I just told above. But believe me it plays big enough to deserve a separate section. Being Positive is all about being righteous. You have to deliver positive comments or opinions over things. You have to support each and everyone around you, so that you start possessing positive vibes around you. Believe me, most of the people around you will be happy to see you around. Being Positive is all about overcoming the negativity around you. Overcoming negativity is all about neglecting the negative subjects around you. It can be anything like a person, movie, place, thoughts or even some objects. You can practice it or the best way to do it is to start meditating, it really helps you master this very technique of neglecting the negativity and helps possess a powerful and positive vibe.

3. Looking Good and Loving Yourself.
Look one thing is clear, if look bad then you won’t really be able to Influence them. I mean, they won’t even like to get near you and by saying ‘if you look bad’, I mean dirty clothes, less hygiene and all the unhygienic stuff. Look, you should be able to take care of yourself. No matter from what situation you are going through. Looking Good isn’t all about appearance, it’s about doing good also. C’mon, get a shower every morning, get yourself dressed nicely, get groomed, stay humble but strong, be on time, and that’s how you look good. By taking care of yourself, you give a message to the people around that you’re not here to mess around and thus, you gain attention too.

You should be able to love yourself and there’s nothing selfish in loving yourself. And in case you don’t, then how do you expect someone to love you when you don’t love yourself. Look, Yourself is a gift to you given by God. This is one life that we know we are going to have. So, loving ourselves is just going to make our lives more sweet, you know, add some sugar to your life. I know, some of us who are going through hard times right know, will be the ones for whom it is difficult to do so, but loving & believing in ourselves is the best way out.

4. Be knowledgeable.
Everyone should be able to ask you questions about anything but more importantly, you should be able to answer them correctly or if not correctly, at least, you should be able to undertake the topic without making them realize that you undertook it. And the best way to undertake that question is to tell them to leave that question or sometimes tell them that You don’t know the answer to that question because you’re not Google bro. But don’t provide false information by answering the questions you don’t know because when they are going to know the real answer, you’ll become a liar in their eyes.

Read books, watch some knowledge based TV channels, shows and etc. Glorify your mind with knowledge as it is one important thing the world has taught us since when we were kids. Remember, Be knowledgeable.

5. Help others ’cause it’s your duty.
Helping others is your very first duty as an Influencer. You should be able to help as many people as you can while you being happy and comfortable performing it. There are a lot of different ways people as Influencers want to help others. Like, one example is, Some Influencers want to help or Influence bad people or a bad influencer, and the truth is, you can’t change someone until he/she wants to change themselves. I’ve also kind of been through this stuff where I thought, that person wants to be good, but the truth was that I was wrong. Look getting used to help others is going to take a lot of time and is going to be a really hectic process if you aren’t used to it. You know, life gives you swirls whenever you try to do something good but also offers sugar in the end. So, one thing you have to keep in mind while helping others is that you are providing them relief and your heart, mind, your whole body will feel good. “Do good, have good”.


  1. Play your good side. Think good, speak good, do good and have good. Show them your good side rather than the bad.
  2. Be positive. Support everyone around you. Deliver positive responses and opinions. And neglect the negativity. Achieved better through meditation.
  3. Look good and Love yourself. Stay in routine, be hygienic, dress good and be groomed.
  4. Be knowledgeable. Don’t answer questions you don’t know. Watch knowledge based TV channels.
  5. Help others. Help people whenever possible, for some guys, a long and hectic process but such a sugar.