The Robert Pattinson Charm! Our New Batman and His 5 Best tactics to Be Attractive.

So, Robert Pattinson “Our New Batman”. Where did he come from? Well, as much as I know he’s from London, England and yeah, I don’t know his address and when did he come? May 13th, 1986.

I know there are a lot more questions in your mind than I do and many of you who know him, (Well, who doesn’t know him?) might be knowing his many of the answers too. But still, as a Celebrity-Portrait blog, it must contain a brief Biography of him.

Quick Bio of Robert Pattinson

Robert is the youngest of the three children born to Richard and Clare Pattinson. During his childhood, his dad ran a car-importing business and his mother worked for a modeling agency.

He wanted to be a performer from an early age. His older sister Lizzy was a singer since Robert’s early age and this made Robert try out and become a performer. His father encouraged him to become an actor.

The Charm

As the New batman trailer Drops this week we all are amazed by Robert Pattinson and his performance but before that, we always have been so amazed by his style and personality in general. He has been a lot in the talk for some time and if we look at his journey he has made himself a sexy star from just a beginner and Now Robert is playing our beloved character “The Batman”. So its time now to understand his style tactics and his “Batman” Personality.

1 The Rough Play

It’s the rough play which always keeps you fresh in the play and Robert always does it or shall I say plays it. The Name represents a bit bad aura but trust me, the style doesn’t.

How Many times you have seen Robert Pattinson in a style where the first word comes in your mind is “messy” well if you are a true fan then that must have been the case most of the time.

The style itself has a niche in it but why this Works “always” because being messy in a way defines you’re not caring personality and that aura is enough to light the room.

Long hair has been popular among men because they define a strong Standup point of a man the same effect is played and acted upon you as well as the people but more dramatically.

1.1 How to do it?

Is it real? well, that is real he really goes to parties with those messy flowing hair But there is a particular way to do that and that is a specific level of being messy and that level defines the style itself. Robert Pattinson never goes full messed up, he always is perfectly dressed and cloned but there are some spots where he plays rough, sometimes it can be his hair, sometimes can be his upper, sometimes he will wear a scarf with some different rough play. The clear and only way to do it is to do it in a specific way that it doesn’t destroy your rest of the look.

1.2 Why it always works!

Well there isn’t any magic like always but science psychology is there if you are interested in it but apart from that the fun part is that there is not even a single chance when you will be drawn back to the bad end with this trick Now that you can consider ‘Magic”

Look around you, people are so bored seeing the same old world which doesn’t give them surprises to experience and they just wish that somebody will give them a small pleasure “a difference” They just want to see something which is different “not perfect”.

Be that Thing

1.3 Caution 

Now When you are playing rough then you are already someone who is to be afraid of because when you are into rough play you are going full-fledged and you portrait this message of yours’s that you are just so confident that you want to put your reality on the table.

Apart from making you awesome Rough play has its own risk and that is don’t go over because if you cross that limit then you are no more attractive and it depends on you how much messy should you go and how much rough should you play.

If we See Robert Pattinson, He is just so much good in finding that limit. He is nor too messy nor too sober “a perfect batman” So the verdict to master the rough play is to start doing it and then find that limit slowly.

2 Distinctive Nature

Well, believe me, there’s a lot more than style and personality that makes someone different from others and Nature lies right in that section, where most of us don’t really want to take a look at. Robert has a really distinctive nature in comparison to what the nature of a Celebrity is. Most of the Celebrities possess a kind of ‘not really shy nature’ that makes them quite good at facing and meeting hundreds of people that they have never met before.

Robert possesses a shy nature which makes him quite a different kind of person. He doesn’t like to share his private life in the public’s knowledge. He just likes his job, he likes to enjoy his private life more than his Celebrity one and that is the reason why we don’t see him much in the headlines and still love him.

2.1 A different rule

When somebody’s base is different his rest of the things are influenced by that base and that is the case with Robert too because of his different and distinctive nature his style, fashion, body language is different as well and that is the thing about him which is so admirable

A simple rule he follows is to not copy anybody and make his own style and work out of his basic nature.

2.2 Acceptance 

We live in a place where people are just waking up and going on with there life like another day not even knowing who are they. They are just too afraid to accept themselves like who they really are. Everybody is unique but nobody wants to be who they really are, everybody wants to be somebody else.

Robert Pattinson and batman both have this quality of acceptance. They accept themselves and that makes them distinctive among others.

3 The bubbly Nature 

Though Robert Pattinson is a stable man among everyone but among ladies he is always really bubbly. 

Not only Robert but Batman’s Home character Bruce Wayne is too really a womanizer and the same quality is being followed in Robert in a sexy way.

3.1 The Womanizer 

He is Bubbly and by being bubbly among ladies you can do like whatever you want and he is a master at it.

Look at his any celeb pic and notice what he is like with women. the biggest womanizer we saw was Bell Ami, in that movie Robert Pattinson showed us the real face of a womanizer though that movie didn’t run well in cinema fan’s saw what they wanted to see.

4 Going With the Flow 

The biggest way to be great is to start and more than that its the way you start the thing So what we have learned from Robert’s carrier and his personality is that just go with the flow and don’t care about the future so much, its the present which makes you amazing in the future.

Robert Pattinson has amazed us with his these quality’s and this add on just makes him more admirable

5 Evolving and Improving

Look at Robert Pattinson’s old pics and then see the present one what you see? well if you ask me it the improvement I see, its the handwork I see.

Robert is a self-made person who is playing the Batman not just by making one movie and then sitting back and enjoying bear He evolved in his work to be better and still is.

The rule here is that you never stop improving and evolving in yourself, a simple rule to be awesome.


Robert Pattinson is an Admirable Personality to follow and definitely he is somebody to make a role model. We all can take inspiration from his ways and learn a lot to be Great Because You are “BATMAN