Top 12 awesome shoes for men in winter.

We all love shoes and the affection towards them is more than ever when the seasons are changing.

And it’s the time when we spend the majority of our bucks in shopping apparel stuff.

As you know that winter is coming and it already has arrived for some of us, and we are ready to shop hard.

But the biggest query is that what to buy because obviously, no one wants to look unfashioned or out of trend.

Among men, more than clothes we desire shoes and that is one of our biggest traits in fashion.

A true man knows the importance of shoes in regards to impression or confidence.

Most of the men love shoes but they don’t buy the right one and that makes them feel low when they don’t come close to compliments.

And now when winter is here most of the men are going to do the same mistake but you, my friend have the advantage now.

Below, you are going to find a whole list of shoes for men in winter season.

Below, you’ll find the types of shoes for men in winter to wear, and then each type is further divided into specific shoes.

Also, breaking down, why you should wear that specific shoe? and who else
love’s to wear that shoe?

Not only that but after the whole list of shoes for men in winter is completed, then we’ll talk about some very popular shoes which didn’t make it to this list and why.

Now, here are the top 12 awesome shoes for men in winter. An alpha guide!

Good Shoes take you good places

– Anonymous 

What type of shoes to wear in winter.

Like we know that there are many types of clothes regardless of the season.

Similarly, the same thing is applied to shoes. There are many types of shoes regardless of the season.

Like there are Sports, Weight lifting, formals, and many more types of shoes.

But the biggest mistake which we men do is that we don’t specify in these types according to the season or occasion.

And that makes us feel like we not only push ourselves too hard to look good but we are bad at it.

Then how to be vulnerable about it or in it? The answer can be simple as well as tricky according to the mindset of yours regarding fashion.

Or you can say regarding your experience in it and that is what makes it interesting.

So, we will assume you know nothing about apparel or our current topic which is shoes for men in winter season.

So back to the question, How to be vulnerable to seasons and occasions? well, the answer is by dividing the items.

For example:- (Shoes for men in winter and shoes for men in summers)

Suppose you specified your shoes in these two categories, will it not make you vulnerable and your fashion tasks so easy?

Damn yeah it will, because now you clearly know what to wear and when.)

But the tricky part is “How?”

Differentiating between shoes between seasons is really tough.

Maybe till now, you believed that seasons don’t affect how and which shoe do you wear.

Well, you don’t have to do all the heavy-duty tasks on your own. We have divided all the general types like this.



I personally love boots, they have this class as well as a tough feeling that really matters to a manly personality.

Boots can be so good that they can totally change the way your outfits look.

They are considered kind of old school because of just one single boot which is Cowboy boots.

Otherwise, it’s the type which definitely should be counted under shoes for men in winter.

Why in winter?

As I said, boots are the combinations of class and toughness, and that is what makes them so dam cool for us men to wear.

Let me ask you, What is a man? A human being who posses manliness, and for manliness, we can do whatever it takes.

And manliness doesn’t mean to ditch or let feminism down. It’s just about the qualities that a man possesses.

Because we want to be more manly and we want to improve our man traits regardless of how improved they already are.

We want to look tough, we want to look classy, we want to look gentleman, and we want to look more manly. right?

So, why not wear boots and be more manly like we wish to be.

Now the question comes, “if they are so good then why to wear in winters only?”

Well, there’s no one telling you to wear it in winters only, you can wear it also in summers or any season you desire to rock your look.

But especially in winter because the first and most practical reason is that it keeps your feet warm and healthy.

Because most of the boots are made up of leather or some hard material that keeps your feet warm and happy.

Another reason is that because most of the winter outfits or all of them are pretty packed and with those packed clothes, boots go well in class.

Not only that boots can also change the look of your winter outfit from some boring father’s sweater to a dam dashing looking upper.

The last reason does not specify by seasons but by general looks and in that matter boots are the best.

Everybody wants to look taller, right?
Well, that’s lucky for you if you already are but for those who desire more height,

Then, boots can make you look taller than you actually are because most of the boots have a decent amount of heel.

And that makes you look and feel taller, especially in winter outfits.


Tough boots can be good companions whenever you want them to be but I personally would not prefer you to wear them on a daily basis because boots are good.

But they are not that good in the matter of comfort for long durations, if you go for wearing boots on daily basis then your feet will be crying at the night.

I am not saying that everybody feels that way, many people wear boots on a daily basis including many of the celebs.

And there is a very big possibility of your boots to be comfortable.

But from a larger perspective, the comfort of the boot depends on its type and the material it is made of.

If you ask me “I can’t wear boots on daily basis but at the same time they don’t bother me that much”.

Then, maybe you feel a different way or the same, it depends on you only.

Boots are really good on daily basis too.

Mostly you can wear boots on any occasion you want but that depends on which boot are you wearing specifically (later in the blog).

In general, you can wear them for club outings, bike rides, or even dates.

Mostly boosts whether be of any kind are good for bike rides.

The goal of wearing boots is to look classy and elegant, or sometimes tough.

So, wear them whenever you want to fulfill this list.


Boots are so dam good that almost every celeb wears them or at least have worn them once.

Brad Pitt
He is one of the most desirable and classy men in the acting industry and classy men know the importance of boots.


David Beckham

I mean look at him, why will he not wear the most classy shoes. He is a real man. He always was.

Harry styles

If you think pop culture doesn’t support boots, then you are wrong. One of the most admirable artists.



Formals have a very bad reputation among youngsters because what comes to your mind when you think formal. Definitely boring, right?

But formals are the most important part of a real man’s outfit, you can’t wear boots with your amazing tuxedo or you can’t wear sneakers with your dark black suit.

So what can you wear? Exactly, Formals.

You can wear formals because that is what they are made for, their real taste comes when they are in full corporation with your formal outfits.

Formals just like boots are classy but they lift your suit’s elegance to 100 % more, they are the real charm of your outfits.

In the early 19’s when party suits were on hype, people were not happy with them because unlike other outfits,

You had a slim formal trouser which looked very awkward when it was tuck under boots.

So then the formal shoes were invented, just to wear them with suits and that really worked.

The sellers used to sell suits with formal shoes but later some unique designs were introduced.

And then some independent shoemakers started selling them separately.

That is why the best way to wear formal shoes is to wear them with a sassy suit.

Later on, in our 20’s people started wearing them to any formal occasion like offices, meetings or any other formal occasion wear elegance and discipline both as needed.

Fashion is awesome when it is followed the right way, Innovation on your own is also amazing to the extent of you looking good.

Many stylish men are innovators but they love the fashion basics as well because they know how much basics are important, regarding that respect they follow those basics.

That is why you can’t name one stylish man who doesn’t wear formals.

Why in winter?

Though there are a ton of types of shoes for men in winter formals are here in this list because their significance and importance are tremendously increased in winter.

When I was researching in regards to shoes for men in winter, I realized most of the men in winter rather office going or party people wore suits and blazers.

In winter suits, sweaters, blazers are selling like a sweet powder for children and people know what to wear with them but still confused.

The biggest reason for choosing formals in winter is because of the apparel which is used in winter or should I say is in trend eg:- suits.

With suits, you can’t wear sneakers or your ugly sports shoes, not even boots which define a class.

The reason is very straightforward. Suits are meant for elegance and sophistication.

Formal shoes go hand in hand with suits and other formal clothes and winter is all about suits and blazers plus formal shoes too.

When in winter?

Though now almost that we know when to wear formals but just for the clarification, let me tell you some amazing ways and specific occasions where you can wear formals

Party but the elegant one, Meeting but the important one, Outing but the formal one, Office but the Big one, Date but the expensive one, Celebration but the clean one.

These are the basic rules to wear formal shoes in winter or any other season but I would specifically tell you to follow these rules in winter.

Winter is all about sophistication and in winter only you have a wide range of situations in which you can formal shoes and rock in them.


Chris Hemsworth
Chris has a perfect sense of wearing suits and he rocks them with a formal pair of shoes.

Chris is one of the biggest shoe lovers in Hollywood and one of the reasons behind this superficial list of shoes for men in winter.

Michael B Jordan

Oh, man… Our beloved actor from the amazing movie Creed loves to wear formals and his style with subtlety.

Nick Jones

Nick is known for his style sense and with formals, he takes it to another level.

Now what is next…let’s get to the pulp part and talk specifically about 12 awesome shoes for men in winter.

The 12 shoes for men in winter to wear.

So, till now we have discussed the types of shoes which we should wear in winter.

Now, let’s talk about the specific 12 shoes for men in winter.


Let’s start with what you should wear under boots in winter.

1. Chelsea Boots

The first one to make it here in Top 12 shoes for men in winter is The Chelsea boots.

These are my personal favorites, they have all the mordern day traits and old school vibe of a perfect boot.

You can wear Chelsea with almost every outfits except for formal ones.

shoes for men in winter

2. Chukka

Yup, Chukka is the second one in this list as shoes for men in winter.

You probably have already heard of this boot but the people who don’t know about it.

This is one of the most amazing and easy to wear boots.

I believe, this is the best shoes to go with a casual outfit of yours.

3. Logger


These boots may not be available easily depending on the place you live in because many people are not aware of these shoes and the quality they bring to your classy nature.

They are best with denim jackets as well and especially for the people in the snowy area. They are one of the toughest boots out there.

4. Balmoral

Here’s the fourth one in Top 12 shoes for men in winter.

Balmoral is somewhat like Chelsea but they have lasted top and are made up of glossy material, they look really fancy and sleek.

For parties, they are the best
I would prefer to get them in black first.

That’s it for the boots, these are the boots to wear under shoes for men in winter. Now let’s talk about what to wear in formals?



Here is the list of some best formal shoes for men in winter

5. Derby

The fifth one to make it here in the list of Top 12 shoes for men in winter is Derby.

Well, Derby is one of the shoes which has helped formal section of shoes to maintain their respective position.

Derbies can be worn for office purposes as well as outing purposes.

But I would prefer you to take care of them because once they are lined, you can’t do anything about them.

Apart from caring, they are awesome.

6. Penny loafers

The Sixth entry in our Top 12 shoes for men in winter under the formal wear category is penny loafers.

these are the shoes that will never disappoint you in making up an impression and setting up a perfect class standard.

these you can wear with classy suits for the best, especially on dates.

7. Brogue

Brogue made it seventh in the Top 12 shoes for men in winter.

These are the best office wear and I am talking about top-notch office wear.

These will not only help you impress your boss but also the senoritas in your office.

I would not prefer to wear these on parties and dates because they have a very co-operated vibe to them.

8. Tassel loafer


The 8th entry in shoes for men in winter is again a loafer but these are really classy as well as very easy to wear.

You can wear them with your casual outfits as well and see your outfit turning something great.

That is it for the Formal shoes for men in winter.


The next category for Top shoes for men in winter is our dearest sneakers.

We have talked about sophistication and class but what about when you just wanna go out and be careless.

What about when you want to hit Starbucks at 10 pm in the night or when you want to workout.

Or when you want to play basketball with your bros, for these reasons we have got some sneakers for you in this list of 12 shoes for men in winter.

We have specialized 4 sneakers for your “all the needs”.

9. Chuck Taylor

The ninth one to make it in the Top 12 shoes for men in winter is Chuck Taylor.

Classy men don’t wear childish shoes, they wear only classy things and in sneakers, Chuck Taylors are one of those classy things and shoes.

They go amazing with casual t’s and jeans or even trousers. These shoes for men in winter are awesome.

10. High top basketball

The next type of sneakers on Top 12 shoes for men in winter is High Top Basketball.

Did you get my point? basketball shoes are one of the most hyped and really good sneakers to wear, they are all about comfort and design.

You really have to have one in your shoe collection if you are a shoe lover or should I say, sneaker lover.

11. Leather sneakers

Definitely, it wouldn’t be a list without this one.

Leather Sneakers are the eleventh one to make it out here in the Top 12 shoes for men in winter.

The classy nature of this extraordinary innovation is mind-boggling and really cool.

They came in trend just like last year and from the first sight of them, they looked amazing and awesome.

They go with any casual outfit you desire.

12. Court sneakers

So, Court sneakers finally made it to the Top 12 shoes for men in winter.

Well, they are really old but what can I say, they are so good.

I won’t talk about them that much because you may already have one and know its significance.

If you don’t have one, get it in white.
That’s it for the 12 awesome shoes for men in winter.

Because Sometimes, shoes speak louder than someone’s words

– T.V.M

Why not Canvas?

Canvas are great but the thing is that they are not that good shoes for men in winters. Thus, they didn’t make up for the list of shoes for men in winter.

Canvas are specially designed for summers, they have a very little heel and they don’t cover the lower calves of legs, which doesn’t suit the winter look.

Also, they don’t have heavy material used in them because they are meant to be light for summers and it does not warm your feet.

Why not sports shoes?

I don’t prefer sports shoes in summer and no way on the list of shoes for men in winter.

As they are so dam boring, if you want to run buy running shoes (yah they are different),

If you want to workout buy sports sneakers (yah they exist).

Sports shoes kill your classy-ness and the elegant way you have in your style.

Be cool and smart while you shop for shoes this Christmas.

And this was the list of Top 12 shoes for men in winter.

At last, like always I want to say, To the people who want to look good, To the people who want to improve their style, To the people who are willing to rock their shoes, To the people who know the classy nature, To the people who want to be classy, To us, I say this is just the beginning.